St Monica's Feast Day May 4


I noticed there was a “sticky” thread started on St Monica for prayers for husbands. I have always asked St Monica for intercession for my adult children who no longer practice the Catholic faith. Today I would like to send a special request to St Monica to remember my adult children. Anyone else like to help celebrate her feast day by putting your children in her special care today? Even if you have “perfect” children today there will always be the temptation some time in their lives to follow an easier way. Some of us need to pray for reversion for our children but some of you may wish to pray for “resistance” to temptation for your young ones.
St Monica pray for us.


May I put in her care all those members of my family who have left The Church?

St. Monica, pray for us…


I ask St. Monica’s intersession for all of those in my family whom have fallen away, and I thank her for having prayed for those who are back in the church (including me:) )! I also ask her intersession for my own children - although they are young and don’t have any choise but to go to church on Sunday at this point in their lives, I pray that they will remain practising Catholics throughout their lives.



I have been praying for my children’s return for many years. I highly recommend joining ST. MONICA SODALITY. It is a great source of prayers and info for those of us who have stray sheep.

 Thank you for this recommendation.  What does the $20 go toward?  I am interested in joining but I would feel strange sending money just to have my name on a list.  I like the idea of parents praying together on a certain night.  I would like to hear more about the sodality.


Wow…I am touched to hear that you were “prayed back” to Catholicism. Miracles DO happen. St Monica, thank you.

I also am impressed that you are praying for your children before they go out into the big bad world. My children were born in the late 60’s when the church was topsy-turvy and all of us parents were being given mixed messages from the church and the world. Even though I felt I was much more lax with my children than I thought was appropriate I was later accused by my children of being way too strict. I honestly don’t know what I should have done differently.


Well, I guess I missed the official St. Monica’s day. I knew it was about now sometime, but was gone yesterday, drat! I pray to her all the time to ask God to water the seeds that I tried to plant. One child has come back to the Church. I got the same mixed messages from Church, and world and tried to do the best I knew how with what I had, which wasn’t much. I figure St. Monica might have had even less, but she kept praying. I have also asked St. Augustine to pray, since he must understand the situation well, also.


I love a success story. You must feel wonderful that one of your children is back in the church.

My mother was a “fallen away Lutheran” who became Catholic. Now a generation later I am feeling the pains of my children falling away from Catholicism. Here in California the most popular religion? seems to be either secularism or New Age. My children have gone in those directions. I think they are praying for my conversion. It is very lonely practicing Catholicism on the west coast. Catholics are considered the narrow-minded ones who are “anti-choice”, "anti-free love, " etc. California was the state all the women came to who wanted abortions back in the early 60’s when many other states outlawed them. It was well known that our local community hospital had set up housing for all the gals who were waiting for their abortions. My children were growing up during those days when “I’m Okay…you’re Okay” meant more than “I’m in the state of grace…you’re in the state of grace”.




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