St. Nicholas Day Pictures!


Here are few pictures of our St. Nicholas Day celebration. Ours got a late start since Dad had to work.

We cooked and baked all day and then had St. Nicholas Day dinner. We ate St. Nicholas soup, St. Nicholas bread, and St. Nicholas cookies. Afterward we put out our shoes and went to Mass (except that there was no Mass so we came home :()

While we were gone, St. Nicholas filled our shoes! The boys got small toys and books and one big box of musical toys. Mom and Dad got candy. :smiley:

Our St. Nicholas Day table:
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A close-up of the St. Nicholas Day bread:
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The boys’ shoes after St. Nicholas’ visit:
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That bread and the cookies are so adorable! What a cute tradition!! And I love that Mom and Dad get candy too :smiley:

I wish this special day wasn’t the day after our son’s birthday though! But who can complain about two very special days in a row? :slight_smile:

It’s also cute that you put Baby Jesus in the middle of your Advent wreath :wink: Ours (Baby Jesus) is in hiding, but that would be a neat place to keep him until he lands in the nativity set on Christmas!


Wow! That looks like so much fun!!! I bet your kids loved it?!


Actually, it’s the empty manger in the middle of the Advent wreath. Our baby Jesus is in hiding, too. He comes on Christmas morning.

The kids LOVED it. The baby loves the little shakers in the band in a box. We were having a family jam session last night. Baby on the shakers, Mom on the triangle, Dad on the tamborine, Toddler rotating on the other musical toys. It was good fun. :slight_smile:


Where did you find the band in a box? That looks like something my 4 year old would like?


I got that one at a local store for parents and teachers called Play and Learn. It is made by a company called Melissa and Doug. I cannot say enough good things about their toys. Excellent quality, all educational, and very fun. They have a website at and they are sold at and elsewhere. I am sure a search would bring up a lot of stores. Some Toys R Us carry them, as well.

Good luck!


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