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St Nicholas

Celebrated on December 6th

St Nicholas is the patron of children, sailors, unmarried women, merchants, pawnbrokers, apothecaries and perfumers.

Although he is one of the most popular saints in the East and West, very little is known about the life of this 4th century bishop. His diocese of Myra was in south east Turkey.

According to legend, he gave three bags of gold to three girls who couldn’t marry, because they didn’t have dowries. This is said to be the basis of the three gold balls on the pawnbroker’s sign.

The number three crops up very often in St Nicholas’ life. He is said to have raised three young boys to life after they had been murdered. He defended and saved three men unjustly accused of a crime, and he rescued three sailors from drowning.

From his shrine at Bari there was said to have come a wonderful scent. In England about 400 churches are dedicated to St Nicholas, and many windows and frescoes are dedicated to him. Across Europe there are hundreds more dedications.

The most popular result of the cult of St Nicholas is the institution of Santa Claus or Father Christmas. There were many stories of his kindness to children, and in the Low Countries the custom grew of giving children presents on this day. The custom is still very popular in Holland, Scandinavia and many Slavic countries.

(from ICN)


One of my favorite holidays as a kid. I was always so excited to wake up and see what St. Nicholas put in my stocking :grin:


I like when he struck Arius the heretic in the face, and then he went to prison and was released by Our Lord and Our Lady.


Thank you. Great picture too, the best I’ve seen I think.




I don’t think Rankin and Bass are going to make a Christmas special of that anytime soon.

But if they did it would be awesome


St. Nicholas, pray for us! :netherlands:


In miracle on 34th street St Nicholas almost strikes someone!

I like the court room scene when the judge gets the message ‘in God we trust’


And now Erdogan claims that the Venetians stole him centuries ago and want his body back, probably just to gain some money with tourism.


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