St Padre Pio, Saint Amongst Saints

So rarely does God send a Saint such as Saint Padre Pio.

Post your stories and thanksgiving for intercession answered, for devotion and thanks to God for such a Saint as St Padre Pio.

Here is my story:

I have loved St Padre Pio before I knew who he was. That sounds quite odd I know.

I was not much of a Catholic. I was ambling along in my faith, neither cold, neither hot, but ambling ‘the luke warm’ uneducated in my faith and not nurtured within it. I was standing before the Blessed Sacrament though I didn’t even know that was what I was standing before at the time nor Whom I was standing before and was chatting to a friend in Church (I was one of those annnoying people you all frown upon who talk in Church). Nearby two women were talking about St Padre Pio, I was vaguely listening. One of the women, Ellie, is in charge of the repository. She said, ‘We have to withdraw everything to do with Padre Pio’ I said to God ‘Who is Padre Pio?’ As they chatted, he sounded interesting to me and I always liked someone who stirred things up, you know, got things going. As a young person what put me off about the Church is the lack of guts and when I say that I saw no real daring, no real gumption, that is until I met a very holy Priest at my father’s death bed. Anyhow I noted this St Padre Pio, he seemed like a man of gumption, fight and spirit to me.

I quickly realised the Vatican had banned this man, yet he seemed to be holy to me.

I then lapsed as a Catholic and didn’t attend Church for 13 years, during this time my friend St Padre Pio had been Beatified.

I always thought of this Padre Pio, I don’t know why I didn’t forget this man. The minute I heard his name he stuck with me.

Anyway, my father was dying and my family was pretty much against him, he was a great sinner and no-one was for him, I was a lapsed Catholic and there I was calling a Priest for the Last Rites for my father whom I had been estranged from for many years and whom I had only recently come to know again. I felt absolutely compelled to secure the Last Rites for my father. I made numerous telephone calls before I got the Priest. We were waiting by my father’s bedside in intensive care. A nurse told me the Priest had arrived and as I walked into the little room and saw the back of the head of this Priest I knew I was home. He was looking out at the fields through the window, he turned and shook my hand and said ‘Thank you for sending for me’. My father died receiving the Last Rites.

From that day on, I came home to the Church and the Priest I never forgot, never forgot me, St Padre Pio remembered me and sent me a Priest to bring me home. That Priest is the most holy and kind Priest I ever met, he has been like Jesus to me and I pray for him everyday and thank God for him.

Jump along seven years. I said a prayer to Saint Padre Pio to help me and to come to me. The next day a friend called me who had no idea of my prayer. She said, you must come to my home, my uncle who has friends in the USA has with him the thumb part of the glove of St Padre Pio, it is at my house just for today. Come and pray with me. So I went. I slipped onto my hand the thumb part of the glove of St Padre Pio and prayed. I thanked God for this great thing He had done for me in St Padre Pio and I will never forget my friend and spiritual Father, St Padre Pio.

Since then a relic of St Padre Pio has come my way and rests in my home with great love.

St Padre Pio, thank you, Glory to God and thank you Jesus.

In the Living Prayer of my life

Thank you for sharing your story BlessedStar.
Yesterday, I help our Good Neighbor ministry showing the movie “Padre Pio” - we have permission from St. Ignatius press to show the movie. The movie was about 3 1/2 hours long and everybody was so quite watching the movie.

One of the people come to see the movie had actually met Padre Pio in person, but I didn’t have chance to ask him about the Saint at all - I was busy making popcorn for the folks.

St. Padre Pio was such a humble man.

Dear Blessedstar,

Since his feast day was yesterday [Sept. 23], I thought about him very much, and spent much time in prayer to him. EWTN had several programs both Saturday and Sunday which served to ignite our devotion and rekindle it once again.

I spoke on another thread in this section about one of the programs I saw, which featured an Anglican woman who was healed by him and testified for his process. One gentleman raised the hope she might become Catholic, and my curiosity brought me to an internet search.

Alice Jones has experienced healing of a dramatic sort, which both blessed her life and cured her body. An Anglican priest visited her at her home in the north of England 20 years ago. He was accompanied, she said, by an elderly man in a brown habit. That evening she went to church to show that she could walk again after several years of dependence on a wheelchair, calliper and a spinal jacket. An ulcer had also vanished. As Alice tells her story, she recalls the “incredible joy” of the moment of her healing, and the eyes of the elderly monk: “they spoke of love, of outright love.” It emerged later that this was a vision of Padre Pio, of whom she had never heard, who had died in 1969. Alice’s evidence later joined that of others for his beatification in the Roman Catholic Church, though she remains a devout Anglican, and regularly takes part in her local church’s healing ministry.

As I prayed last evening in bed, I hoped someone might begin a special thread on him, and it seems you were experiencing the same spiritual thought process, for here it is! Praise God! I enjoyed reading your story and hope to see many more as readers become prompted to share. My deep love is to read the lives of God’s special saints, and some inspire me greatly, but for some reason, this holy priest/monk excels in drawing my devotion.

God bless,

I love Padre Pio too and really enjoyed your story. I think he is one of the greatest saints. I have to choose a confirmation saint because I was never confirmed when I was younger so I’m getting confirmed this year. I was thinking about who should be my confirmation saint and I saw a little card with Padre Pios’ picture on it and his novena of The Sacred Heart while praying in the Adoration Chapel. I secretly wanted him as my confirmation saint anyway, but this gave me more of a reason to choose him.

Your brother in Christ

“Everything is Grace.” --Saint Therese

I’m currently listening to the audio-book, "“John Paul the Great: Remembering a Spiritual Father” by Peggy Noonan.

In there, she tells a story which may only be legend, but it goes that when Karol Wojtyła was a priest, he went to confession to Padre Pio. When the future pope knelt to give his confession, Pardre Pio stood up and then knelt before the young Fr. Wojtyla. He told Fr Wojtyla, that he would one day become Pope, of the Church.

No one knows for sure if its true, being only the two men were present and Pope John Paul II never mentioned it.

However, there were other events that I’m learning about, where the papacy of John Paul II was prophesied. One was from St. Faustina.


Hello Jim,

When the future pope knelt to give his confession, Pardre Pio stood up and then knelt before the young Fr. Wojtyla. He told Fr Wojtyla, that he would one day become Pope, of the Church.

Yes, that prophecy was repeated yesterday in the presentation I viewed. Can you imagine Father’s thoughts over such an astounding revelation?!! St. Pio had the gift of reading hearts very often in the confessional, so it is not likely to be rumor, but an actual accounting of what took place. I wonder if Pope John Paul revealed it many years later in the process for sainthood?

My best friend and I prayed to Padre Pio at a local shrine dedicated to him. We earnestly begged his intercession to prevent a marriage from taking place. About a month before the date of the wedding, the groom came to his senses and called it off. This inspiration came from seeing another film of his life where he had prophesied to a couple that they would be married some day, even though the groom-to-be vehemently protested that nobody was going to tell him who to marry!

Just a few interesting tidbits for our readers …


Thank you Water for your lovely post.

Isn’t it wonderful that God draws together people in devotion to a Saint and that brings those people closer to God.

To be honest part of me cannot wait to meet St Padre Pio in person God willing, but part of me is a little afraid of him in the way a child can be afraid of their father. I am afriad he will tell me I was not good enough, you know I didn’t pray enough with my life, I didn’t make my Living Prayer beautiful enough for Jesus. St Padre Pio seemed like a hard task master and I like that about him, I just hope I don’t let my spiritual father down. So I have put myself completey in the hands of St Padre Pio and pray to him to pray for me to be good, I really don;t want to let him and Jesus down.

In the Living Prayer of my life.

Dearest Carole

I’m really disappointed I missed EWTN’s programmes on St Padre Pio, I really could kick myself. Hopefully they will show them again.

The story of the Anglican woman is astounding. This really does confirm in me that Jesus does have ‘sheep who are not of this flock’ and must ‘tend to them also’.

Well your prayer shows we are all connected in God and to be sure if it wasn’t me who posted this thread about St Padre Pio, someone else would have done. I suppose I grab every grace I can knowing my poverty!!!:smiley: Thank you Carole!

In the Living Prayer of my life

He’s my Confirmation saint!!! I’m so honored to carry his name!

Thomas Ralph Pio Lyman! Pray for us all patron saint!

Dear Jim

The story you have told here probably is true, Pope John Paul II wrote to Padre Pio before he was Pope and asked for his prayers for someone, I can’t remember the whole story so maybe someone can make it better by giving all the details. This person was cured of a terrible illness.

Pope John Paul II and Padre Pio did have a friendship so I can believe that this did take place.

In the Living Prayer of my life.

Welcome home to the Church.:slight_smile: I always get a leap in my heart whenever I hear of someone coming to Jesus in His Church. I’m so very pleased, excited and happy for you.

It sounds to me like St Padre Pio is choosing you and if you feel compelled to take his name as your confirmation name then I would follow that holy compulsion.

My Confirmation name is Elizabeth after St Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, I always admired her faith and I always loved that my Mother, Mary went to stay with her whilst she was carrying her baby, for this reason I named my daughter after St Elizabeth in hope and prayer that the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary would always stay with my daughter and my daughter with her. Elizabeth was also my late grandmother’s confirmation name.

I will keep you in the Living Prayer of my life for your confirmation and I hope and pray the Holy Spirit greatly bless you with all of His gifts.:slight_smile:

In the Living Prayer of my life

YES YES YES!!! Another fellow “Pio”!! May our saint pray for us both and the whole world!

Fifty years of Thorns and Roses …the story of St. Padre Pio…will be shown on EWTN Sept. 27, 2007 at 1:00 p.m.

Thanks for starting this thread. In 1994 my mom was dying of cancer and I prayed to Padre Pio. That morning when the priest came and said the end was near, I asked an Aunt if it was a particular saint’s holy day. She thought for a moment and said it was Sept. 23…the feast of Padre Pio. What a surprise!!! I then knew that Padre Pio was with her and possibly bringing her to meet Jesus.:angel1:

Here is a link to a Padre Pio web site. I think the story about the Anglican woman is on the 2nd or 3rd page. The whole site is very interesting for Pio fans. I love him. He has the kindest face. But from some of the testimonies, he could be a little cantankerous.

Thanks Indyann! :thumbsup:

I LOVE Padre Pio, but like you Blessedstar, I feel a little reluctant to approach him as I’m sure he’d tell me off! Not that I wouldn’t deserve it!
I have read a few books on him and what a wonderful man!
He really was incredible.

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