St. Pantaeleon - Major Shrine?


I have a friend who is Catholic who is currently attempting to become a physician. He’s been praying to the “usual suspects” for an intervention of some sort (the finer points of catholic theology tend to be lost on me) - usual = popular ~ Jude, Padre Pio, etc.etc.

I believe he’s attempting to propitiate a St. Pantaeleon, who i’ve heard but an hour ago is the patron saint of physicians in your Church, the Orthodox, and the Oriental Orthodox. I believe he intends to go on pilgramage to his major shrine.

Therein of course lies the problem - since St. Pantaeleon isn’t one of the “usuals” he hasn’t been successful in tracking down where this patron of physicians major shrine is.

So he’s kind of tapped our mutual acquaintance network, and I thought someone on CAF (and specifically someoen on this forum given the age/ethnicity of Pantaeleon) might know.

One of our Orthodox friends pointed to a Church built by Constantine - but he’s unsure if its still around in Istanbul. Another one pointed to a Church in Cologne.

I simply found a monastery in the middle of Jordan listed as his major shrine.

Now given the err… unpleasantness going on in the neighborhood around that region of the world i’d think a trip there would be a bad idea. But he’s committed to the idea.

Any bit of clarification on the matter would be helpful - and I suppose doing this trip may put his mind at ease.

I’m not sure where the “Major Shrine” would be…but I have some suggestions.

(1) - Have your friend contact some local Orthodox Churches and monasteries to see if there is a relic of Saint Pantaeleon that your friend could venerate. One of my local OCA parishes is blessed with a relic…as is one of the nearby Orthodox monasteries. If there are relics, I can almost guarantee there will also be icons of him as well.

(2) - Travel to the Monastery of the Incarnation in Madrid, Spain. There is a vial of his blood there that can be venerated. Every year since they received this blood it liquifies on the day of his feast, July 27, or very close to it. Miracles have been attributed to his blood.

(3) - Travel to Ravello, Italy, where the largest vial of his blood is kept. That is where the blood in Madrid came from, and this vial also liquifies on or about the day of his feast.

Thank you for your response buster, i shall convey the information to my friend.

Hopefully he’ll accept one of the three options presented, for his own safety at least.

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