St. Patrick books, movies?

due to this month’s unforgetable Patron Saint of Ireland (not to over look others whom we celebrate this month), are there any movies or books that offer a biography of St. Patrick?:smiley:

While searching for Catholic Audiobooks I did find this free mp3 audiobook called the “Life of St. Patrick”:

Here is a good free book online. Originally published in 1911 from Notre Dame:

A Protestant interpretation…avoid like the plague.

I didn’t know that it was a Protestant interpretation, as I thought it was the actual writing from St. Patrick himself. Thanks for telling me!

My sister told me that when she was touring Ireland there was a structure where St. Patrick was depicted with his son. I questioned that because St. Patrick was a bishop . She said during his priesthood priests were not required to be celibate and could marry. Does anyone know when the celibacy of priests became rule? Either way it makes me wonder if the new age cult is trying to implicate something as to St. Patrick’s state of life - married or celibate? I never heard anywhere that he was married.:rolleyes:

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