St Patrick in Ireland

Just received a comment on a Youtube video where the poster claims that St Patrick never set foot in Ireland once, her claim is that the Church one day showed up and just slaughtered pagans en masse.

She provided no evidence to back up her claims, where on Earth would a claim like this come from?


Who knows. Could be mentally ill, could have seen some misleading Youtube video, could have just invented it in order to troll on Youtube.

Ignore it, hide it etc since she has no evidence and it’s patently ridiculous, especially considering that his tomb is in Northern Ireland so he obviously stepped foot there, they didn’t just truck his body over to inter it on some island far from his own land.


Technically of course St. Patrick is one of the key examples of a national saint who didn’t come from the country he is most associated with, but yes his tomb is in the six counties.

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We know for a fact St. Patrick was there, after all he drove the snakes out of Ireland . . . And they all ended up in England! :grinning: :snake:


Many in high positions.

In the early 5th century? if that were true, how did the Irish Gaelic language survive if they were replaced by foreigners?


The truth is, there are so many anti-christians they will literally believe anything that come to their mind so long as Christianity is the enemy. I’ve known many that have said the same kind of things without any rhyme or reason other than;

“Well, the crusaders did it. So ThEy must haVe DOne it EVErywhErE!!” (Not even reading enough to know the first crusades were in response to hundreds of years or Muslim aggression.)

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Well the far flung “hardcore” venomous ones are seemingly on a “reccy” for colonisation. :innocent:

" One of world’s deadliest snakes found in Offaly garden"

LOL anybody with a two bit opinion and an internet connection can say anything they like :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Where St. Patrick quite possibly came from himself, although exactly what spot he came from on the other island is debated.

More pertinently to the thread Christianity from what we know seems to have been introduced to Ireland in a for the most part peaceful manner with a noticeable absence of early martyrs. The transition seems fairly smooth although it would be probably wise to remember we are looking back across a very large time frame and many records are missing. But the Irish monks and evangelists certainly later had a major impact on the development of Christianity in Britain and Europe as a whole.

In modern times critics of Christianity often tend to glorify the pre-Christian societies of Europe and the Americas. They often refuse to believe that any conversion to Christianity was voluntary and assume that it was always caused by violent purges of pagans. In concert with this they tend to gloss over the more unsavory aspects of pagan religions such as human sacrifice.

While that youtube comment you received may seem disturbed, and probably was, it’s unfortunately part of a larger trend.

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A link to the YouTube video would have helped so people could have watched it and perhaps provided you with better answers.

I would like to know why half the nonsense that ends up on YouTube gets there.

One thing to remember about S Patrick is that he was not Irish. I have to wonder if that is what the video was talking about.

It is also worth remembering that given time and place any history of S Patrick or anyone else from his time is going to be rather patchy.

As others noted, anybody can come on You Tube and make any kind of claim. And this isn’t even that—this is somebody who WATCHED You Tube and then commented. This is on the order of trolls who think that any random thought that crosses their purported ‘mind’, especially if it’s some kind of crazy conspiracy or revisionist crap or inflammatory ‘toid’, needs to be put out in cyberspace to stir a pot, fan a flame, upset, embroil, confuse, or spread hatred.

Pray for them and ignore them. It’s the best tactic. Giving this kind of ‘claim’ (which is no claim at all) any response tends to ‘legitimate’ the claim in the eyes of others. Ignoring it means it will probably at first be frantically cycled and flamed for a period of time until the giant ‘non response’ leads the trolls to seek some other ‘flame point’.

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