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Sorry guys this kinda bugged me today. One of my favorite Sites for low cost Cooking and recipes is Hillbilly housewife. I know it was initially started by a Fundametalist Christian. However the site is not Preachy - It’s main focus is budget eating, How to eat healthy nutritious food on a very tight budget. I love the site. Anyway they had a link to an article about St Patrick because St. Patricks day is coming. I was astounded they gave no credit to the Catholic Church, instead they use the term Celtic Church and the last line of the 2nd page of the article says " Although there is no proof that Saint Patrick was associated with the Catholic Church, they have embraced him as their own. "
Uggg !!!

I still love the site for it’s food info, budget meal planning and recipes, but ugg I’m annoyed at the ignorance and people who want to rewrite history.

Here is the link to The Hillbilly Housewife site

And here is the link from their site to the St. Patrick info



Pope Saint Celestine I, who rendered immortal service to the Church by the overthrow of the Pelagian and Nestorian heresies, and by the imperishable wreath of honour decreed to the Blessed Virgin in the General Council of Ephesus, crowned his pontificate by an act of the most far-reaching consequences for the spread of Christianity and civilization, when he entrusted Saint Patrick with the mission of gathering the Irish race into the one fold of Christ. Palladius had already received that commission, but terrified by the fierce opposition of a Wicklow chieftain had abandoned the sacred enterprise. It was Saint Germain, Bishop of Auxerre, who commended Patrick to the pope. The writer of Saint Germain’s Life in the ninth century, Heric of Auxerre, thus attests this important fact:

"Since the glory of the father shines in the training of the children, of the many sons in Christ whom Saint Germain is believed to have had as disciples in religion, let it suffice to make mention here, very briefly, of one most famous, Patrick, the special Apostle of the Irish nation, as the record of his work proves. Subject to that most holy discipleship for 18 years, he drank in no little knowledge in Holy Scripture from the stream of so great a well-spring. Germain sent him, accompanied by Segetius, his priest, to Celestine, Pope of Rome, approved of by whose judgement, supported by whose authority, and strengthened by whose blessing, he went on his way to Ireland." 


Not associated with the Catholic church, but approved of, supported and blessed by the Pope himself!


Did you attempt to contact the site and correct [with humility and charity] their misconceptions about St. Patrick and provide some reputable source for the "catholicity’ of St. Patrick?..

Perhaps they were given this information and do not have the knowledge to discrn that the information ws incomplete, in error and/or biased in some manner as from their faith tradition they had no reason to question its authenticity …

Ignorance is not the same as being bigoted or purposefully spreading error …

Perhaps a condemnation is premature and with proper instruction they might correct their site …

PS: I do understand your angst! It makes my teeth grate to drive by St. Francis Episcople Church [hey I want to shout "St Francis was ‘catholic’!] or the Lutheran church named for St Augustine …

But you gotta also love these people who respect our ‘catholic’ Saints :wink:


Much like the anti-Christian attacks every year during Lent, these anti-Catholic attacks on the Catholic Church’s claim to St. Patrick appear in some form every St. Patty’s Day. Frankly, they’re getting rather boring. The burden of proof is ALWAYS in the attacker.

Chin up, my friend - he was indeed a Catholic!


The best thing to do is to ask St. Patrick to pray for their conversion.


Obviously, the Church of Culdee strikes again!!! They are the original Catholic Church and claim St. Patrick as one of their own! :whacky:


Hmmph! I can beat this: I heard one radio preacher (D. James Kennedy, I believe) claim that Christopher Columbus was a proto-Protestant because of his great humility and piety and because in his correspondence he often quoted Scripture and was obviously very familiar with it!



This reply was directed at Adventists, but may prove relevant.


Well, as a Quaker I heard people say that St. Francis of Asissi was a Quaker adn didn’t know it, or something like that.


I wonder where all the Irish Catholics came from?:rolleyes:


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