St.Patrick's day 2007


Is St. Patrick’s day a “free” day for lent this year?


“Free” of what?

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I think he means are we free to not have to observe our Lenten sacrifices on St. Patrick’s Day.

Here in Detroit, if St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday, the Bishop has granted us permission to have corned beef, even though it is a Friday in Lent. This year it is a Saturday, and I have not heard of any special dispensation to dispense with any Lenten sacrifice, around here anyway. But there might be specific local exceptions that I am not aware of.



If you mean that you are a Catholic and wonder if you may eat meat on St. Patrick’s Day: It is Saturday and you can eat all the corned beef you want!:thumbsup:

If you mean that you are Catholic and wonder if we can take a break from our Lenten promises on St. Patrick’s Day: No. You may on Sunday, though.

That includes if you gave up beer for Lent.:irish3:



Has there ever been any special dispensation for lent on St. Patrick’s day regarding our lenten sacrifices?


Okay, you’ve piqued my interest. Is there a particular Lenten sacrifice that you really, really want to have back on St. Patty’s Day?:wink:

That would be up to your local bishop. When it fell on Friday before, our Bishop let us eat Corned beef. I myself chose to still abstain.

You do not have your location in your profile, or I would link you to your local Diocesan website.



I am in the dioscese of Erie in Pennsylvania. I just always thought that St. Patrick’s day received a special dispensation for lenten sacrifices from the pope in years past.


I am not aware of any specific penance applied to Saturdays of Lent.

With respect to any personal sacrifices: Those are your own, to make or break without penalty.

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yes if your bishop or pastor was Catholic often in the “old days” you were dispensed with the fast and abstinence obligation on those days. Also if your parish has St. Patrick as its patron you celebrate his feast and can be dispensed if it is a day of fast and abstinence.


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