St. Patrick's Day 2010: It was about church, not Guinness

Not so long ago, there was no Guinness beer – and certainly no green beer – in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day.

In fact, all the pubs closed on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. Families attended church and later went for a walk or worked in the garden.

The holiday was exactly that, says Carmel McCaffrey: a holy day.

Nice story. I had once read a fictional story on St. Patrick that tried to incorporate what was actually known of him, which is really quite little. It is important to realize why we celebrate St. Patrick and it is largely for his missionary zeal and commitment. Nonetheless, I personally think the best tradition is to try to combine both traditions. I will be attending mass at noon, then hoisting a pint in St. Patrick’s honor a bit later.

Top o’morning to all. :smiley:

I’m of Irish descent and I HATE St Patrick’s Day – or, rather, what it has turned into, an excuse for everyone to wear “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirts and get smashed.

Much better to go to church and perhaps check a book or two out of the library about the history of how our people were greeted when they arrived here. Read and excellent book awhile back called How the Irish Became White.

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