St. Paul on marriage

Leo XIII say in his encyclical on marriage that marriage was instituted to make people happier. Does this contradict 1 Cor. 7:40 and 7:1? And what about verse 27? Why shouldn’t they split up if people are better off and happier without marriage?

Finally, why do we get excited and congragulate people when they say they are getting married? According to Paul they are chosing or have a lesser vocation. Should sorrow accompany the anounment of a wedding?

Well, I think Genesis is pretty clear that God made Eve because Adam had no suitable companion. Seems pretty clear that means it was to make us happier.

As to the doom and gloom. Even if marriage is a lesser vocation, it is still a vocation! That is like saying that someone shouldn’t be happy with winning the lottery because it could have been a bigger jackpot. I’m still pretty darn happy!

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