St Paul on the Journey Home - EWTN tonght 8:00 EDT

Thought that there might be folks interested in this. I saw this fellow before and he does a wonderful job.
I’d be interested in how our non-catholic brethren like the show.

The Journey Home


I am actually watching it right now. I think the guy is great. I love how he says he is a convert from Judaism, and is now a Christian.

Ha, I just watched that an hour ago or so. I thought it was fantastic, actually. They did a good job incorporating “callers” with Paul’s teachings.

Unfortunately I was unable to see much of the program last night. I’ll have to try and catch more today or tomorrow.
They rerun it today at 10:00 AM EDT and Wednesday at 1:00 PM EDT. I believe is also airs a couple of times late night or early morning during the week.



Turns out the fellow does a very fine job.
The “Call in’s” were a bit forced, but interesting I thought.

Also, at least for me anyway, listening to him speak reenforces a long held idea of mine. That is that “Oral Tradition” is not just about what may or may not have been written down, but about how the messages were delivered by the speakers. the inflections, tones, and emphasis. The suplimentary explanations when people had questions. These are all things that were not written down, but were passed on through Apostolic Succession.


Yeah some of the callers were forced - I liked the southern Evangelical guy though. That “pause” he did after Paul pointed out the error in his argument was pretty realistic :slight_smile:

How are the callers forced? I called in a few times over the years.

From the Catechism:

Apostolic Tradition and ecclesial traditions

83 The Tradition here in question comes from the apostles and hands on what they received from Jesus’ teaching and example and what they learned from the Holy Spirit. the first generation of Christians did not yet have a written New Testament, and the New Testament itself demonstrates the process of living Tradition.

Tradition is to be distinguished from the various theological, disciplinary, liturgical or devotional traditions, born in the local churches over time. These are the particular forms, adapted to different places and times, in which the great Tradition is expressed. In the light of Tradition, these traditions can be retained, modified or even abandoned under the guidance of the Church’s Magisterium.

The calls on this particular show were not actual callers but rather “set-ups”, fake calls to answer some common things about the Pualine letters. You could tell that they were the same couple of people using different “voices”. Most were fine - but a couple we’re a bit “over-the-top”.

Normally the Calls are fine and informative.:thumbsup:


Oh, sorry. :wink: didn’t realize.

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