St. Paul's Conversion


In Acts Chapter 9, St Paul FELL to the ground. His friends
STOOD around him. Why is there so much belief that he was
riding a horse? The common means of Jewish transport was by foot
and if needed, a donkey. Did the Romans allow Jewish persons to
ride horses during the occupation of Palestine? :confused: I know artists
were very fond of equine depiction. Thanks and God bless.


Traveling by foot or horse (e.g. James 3:3) would both be common. Horses in depictions of Paul’s conversion may well be an artistic expression.


Paul was both a Roman citizen and most likely a Pharisee.

I always thought the saying “He fell off his high horse.” was attributed to Paul;) It’s quite possible he took the fastest means available to him being a citizen of the empire.

His Jewish name was Saul. His Roman name was always Paul. He became known as exclusively Paul after his conversion.


You must have missed their big point that Paul or Saul was healed after all the Christian persecutions…


Paul IS a Roman citizen.

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