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I’m a Canadian who happens to be in Minnesota on business. I was extremely impressed by St. Paul’s Cathedral…probably the most impressive church I’ve seen on this side of the Atlantic. The 10 AM Sunday liturgy was also very beautiful…chant, incense, lovely choir - even a bit of Latin. I was surprised, however, that the chalice was distributed when there was such a large crowd. In the archdioceses of Vancouver, Toronto (Canada) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), where I have considerable experience, I have rarely seen the chalice distributed outside of very intimate, small mass settings.


It is permitted, and somewhat common to do so in most US diocese. There must be sufficient ministers, and the sacred vessels must be purified by a priest, deacon or instituted acolyte, so that does tend to limit it’s offering in very large Mass settings.


Yes, it is a very beautiful cathedral.


I know its permitted - no question of that. I just found it curious. I am not used to seeing the chalice distributed to such a large crowd. Personally, I am not a fan of brining in additional EMHCs for the sole purpose of distributing the chalice, which is never required, but that is another matter. The cathedral is absolutely stunning…and the liturgy was celebrated with dignity, reverence, and with so many traditional trappings. I have never been to such a “traditional” liturgy where the chalice was distributed. I am not criticizing, but I do find it interesting. It reflects a different ecclesiastical culture than what I have been used to. In my experience, the distribution of the chalice is associated with parishes that would run and scream at the very mention of the word “Latin” or “chant”. Not saying this should be the case at all - just my experience.

Regardless, it was the most beautiful mass I have been to in several months. It was a wonderful experience…the beauty of the cathedral, the sublimity of the chant, the skill of the choir…all coming together.


I’m the opposite, I have grown up with the Chalice always beeing offered. And most of the time I have been going to larger parishes

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