St. Philip Neri Day: The Oratorians

A true son of St. Philip Neri is known at burial. They have no bond except charity, and are free to leave at any time.

Famous Oratorians are Blessed John Henry Newman; Fr. William Faber; and Msgr Knox.

The Oratorians are amazing. I have nothing but praise for the ones I have met. They have an other-worldly feel around them…one foot in heaven. And their ars celebrandi when it comes to the Liturgy…wow.

Sounds like something that even I would
be interested to join, since I have an aversion
to vows and laws. I do my works of charity out
of Love of God and my fellow man and not
out of Duty.

A good opportunity to post this, the new Oratory in my own town first announced a year ago will begin next Wednesday and have announced a few details. This is the third new Oratory in Britain in the last 5 years or so I believe (after Cardiff and York).

Have they a female counterpart? Might be good for older vocations.

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