St. Philomena: For Real?


A few years ago I read several books about St. Philomena. I never knew about her growing up, but I understand she once was popular.

Does anybody here have any miracle stories associated with her intercession?


I’ve got one: The Cure of Ars attributed all of his miracles to her intercession.



I meant personal stories.


Oh, sorry :o I thought you were looking for confirmations that she really existed.


How does that confirm she existed? Demons perform “miracles” as well.


Almost nothing is known about her.


Oh, it doesn’t prove it. If you are looking for absolute proof, I can’t help you. BTW, would you mind giving me some absolute proof that John the Baptist or Jesus existed.


She does pretty well by me. I entrust important things to her, among a short list of other saints.

Here’s a funny one. The other day when I was repainting a room in my house, I of course started with the prep work, including taking off power outlet faceplates, pulling framed art off the walls and taking the nails out and patching the nail holes. When I was headed to the spot, spackle in hand, where her picture had hung there was no need to patch any hole. She was just saving me that tiiiiny bit of work, I guess.


What makes you think I’m looking for absolute proof?

I know Jesus exists because I partake of His Body and Blood.


I can say with absolute certainty she is real…I’m finally pregnant because of her miraculous intercession.

Pray to her. It is no accident.


Follow this thread for plenty of examples of St. Philomena’s powerful intercession.

My daughter, Philomena, is the best personal example I can offer you.


Thanks for your answers.

About 2-3 years ago, I sought her intercession. I prayed her novena for some 120 days, for some very real problems. I didn’t experience her miraculous intercession…

I don’t blame her, or any other saint, but I was a bit troubled by a few things that happened. I bought a St. Philomena statue. One night, I must have accidentally knocked it off my nightstand. Her head broke off into several pieces, and I had to throw the whole statue away. And about the same time, I was walking through a cemetery and came across an infant’s tomb bearing the name “Philomena.” I don’t know. I was in class, and the professor rapped his knuckles against the lectern three times really loudly, and I thought it was a sign.



I took a look and forgot I posted there two years ago!


Wow, that sounds like a freak example of Nestorian Modalism.


The Congregation of Rites in Rome issued a 1961 instruction removing St. Philomena from liturgical calendars because of a lack of historical evidence that she actually ever existed.


My aunty was nursing a young man whom she fancied.

He had very bad cancer, and was given little hope of surviving.

Our extended family all offered a 9 day novena to St Philomena, and not long after, he started on the road to recovery. That was at least 10 years ago. He’s pretty fit now - you’d never know there was anything wrong.

But if she was pulled out of heaven in 1961, then maybe it was a devil interceding for us!



:harp: I never prayed to her, but I’m sure she once existed.
She like St.Christopher and some other saints, were removed back in the 1960s or 70s because while they may have been early martyers, we know very little about them but their names.
Some like St.Perpetua and Felicity, we do, because there were some letters written about them and their martyerdom.
I’m sure there is information on them. We know about St.Appolonia and St.Olympias, and some of the other martyers, but many, we just have a name.
But it isn’t any sin to ask for her help.I have a little St.Christopher staute in my car.


Nobody said she was removed as a saint! She was removed from the liturgical calendar.


No worries. Sorry!


I know lots of traditional catholics very devoted to her. They swear by her intercession through experience. Like has been said most early martyrs are not known or very little is known of them . I would not put too much stock in what’s happened in the 1960’s and 70’s though, whilst swearing my allegiance to the holy father and holy mother church.

With demons performing miracles- no way. Only God can perform miracles. This is a proof for Gods existence. If miracles exist there must be a miracle worker - God. Demons perform clever tricks that look like miracles. Let us not forget they are still angels and as such vastly superior to us in every way and can easily deceive us.

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