St Philomena Oil


Does anyone know if it is considered simony to buy/sell St. Philomena oil for profit. I know you can’t sell a blessing but is St Philomena oil as a sacramental considered the same as selling a blessing


If I was to sell St Philomena oil, it would probably be simony. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if a St. Philomena shrine was to make it available for a price, it would normally be perceived as an “offering”. It covers the cost of the bottle, the cost of the shipping, the cost of the oil, any costs associated with bottling the oil, and anything left over would be a donation towards the shrine’s ministry. I want to say with St. Philomena oil, it’s all sourced from Italy— so you have the added costs of getting the bottles shipped from Italy in the first place.

I want to say one of the American shrines advertises “a free bottle of St Philomena oil with every purchase”. So if you weren’t comfy with buying a bottle of blessed oil directly, you could buy a rosary, and get a free bottle of oil.

You also get free packets of blessed oil in the mail all the time-- usually St. Anthony’s oil, or St. Pio’s oil, and occasionally Catherine Laboure’s oil from the Miraculous medal shrine.


That’s what I thought. Thanks


I agree. I’ve received Holy Oil from shrines (most recently St. Charbel) and they do ask for an offering to cover expenses and to help support the shrine. I think that’s perfectly reasonable.


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