St. Philomena Stories

I am looking for stories about St. Philomena. Have you ever experienced the effects of her intercession? If you have a devotion to St. Philomena, here is a chance to help spread it!

She has been struck off the official saints list. I think it was in 1962. Her bones were discovered in around 1802 - sort of like archaeological evidence. All the details of her life are based on ‘personal revelation’. She was the only saint who was declared as such based soley on account of miracles ascribed to her. She gained an immense following though during the 19th and early 20th centuries.


Philomena was removed from the Roman Calendar, but not stricken from the roll of saints. Her following included the Cure of Ars, who built a shrine to her, so I have to figure there is something to her.

I have been a long time devotee of St. Philomena, and always enjoyed listening to the Cure of Ars speak about her.

He is a magnificent saint, the patron saint of parish priests.

When people too involved in the historical-critical method get into official positions, who want to cater to the world – sometimes a lot of nonsense happens. There are still however, fine churches named after St. Philomena, and I like to think that it is now an even more special privilege to be devoted to her – you have to have that extra faith and grace to see past the silliness and blindness of a secular and anti-miraculous approach to history.

The saints acknowledge her as one of their number. :slight_smile:

Can I testify to any miracles on my own part? I can only say that she has helped me, and I have known that she has helped me to be a more graceful person.

I like to say the prayer, “St. Philomena, virgin and martyr, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.” and to say something in honor of her purity and to pray for our imitation of it before bedtime sometimes.

I have heard other people tell stories about her miracles, I think there are some websites devoted to her that record these, but I do not recall them immediately. :slight_smile:

St. Philomena played a role in the conversion and return to the faith of my sister; who had been away from the Catholic Church for 30 years.

I think she’s wonderful. St. Philomena, pray for us. :gopray:

I believe strongly in St. Philomena’s intercession. I have received many graces from her intercession and I have seen others benefit from her powerful intercession.
You can learn more about her at

Some good stories from there about Ven. Pauline Jaricot. . .

Pauline was a tireless worker for the Church. She was the lay founder of the Vatican congregation Propaganda Fide, or the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. As a young woman she had gone to the textile workers of Lyon, to ask them to contribute a penny a week for the spread of the faith in missionary lands. This work became so successful that it eventually led to the Vatican taking over the guidance of the Society and developing it into a curial office of the Holy See under the title of Propaganda Fide. Venerable Pauline was also the founder of the Society of the Living Rosary.

In 1834, at the age of 35, Pauline Jaricot became gravely ill. She was dying of serious heart disease and it was thought she had only weeks left to live. At the encouragement of St. John Vianney, she decided to undertake a pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Philomena – against all medical council.

Arriving in Rome en route to Mugnano, which was farther south, she stopped to visit Gregory XVI, but being too ill she was unable to attend the scheduled audience. Out of respect for Pauline, the Holy Father went to see her personally at the Sacred Heart Convent where she was staying. Upon seeing her, Pope Gregory knew she had not long to live, and asked her: “Pray for the Church as soon as you arrive in Paradise.”

Pauline responded: “Yes, Holy Father, I promise you, but if I walk on food to the Vatican upon my return from Mugnano, would your Holiness deign to proceed without delay to the final inquiry into the cause of Philomena?”

Gregory XVI replied, “Of course, for in that case it would be a first class miracle.” But he personally had no doubt that Pauline’s time on earth was at an end. Turning to the Italian Sister who had accompanied him on his visit, he said in Italian (so as not to be overheard by Pauline), “we will never see her again.”

On August 8, 1835, Pauline arrived in Mugnano looking “more like a corpse than a living person,” according to witnesses. By this time, Pauline was no longer able to speak.

That evening, the infirm woman attended a long ceremony at the church, but there was no miracle. On August 9, she attended several Masses, and received Holy Communion, and still there was no miracle. Pauline returned to the Church on Sunday night, and again on Monday morning, August 10 – still no miracle.

By this time, the entire town of Mugnano was well aware of the drama taking place at the shrine of their little martyr. As the days passed and Pauline was not cured, the townspeople became increasingly worried, and adopted a good-hearted, but perhaps peculiar southern Italian form of petition to St. Philomena: pounding on her grave, they reminded her that her reputation was at stake: “Do you hear us, Philomena? If you do not cure this pious lady, we will pray to you no more! We will have nothing to do with you! Return her to health right now!”

Later that day, on Monday the 10th – precisely the moment of benediction of the Eucharistic Jesus, and 30 years to the day that Philomena arrived in Mugnano – Pauline Jaricot was completely and instantaneously cured.

The next day, before a huge crowd, Pauline set off walking without assistance towards Rome, and the crowds accompanied her much of the way. On her arrival in Rome, Paulien decided to visit the Holy father unannounced. Upon entering the audience chamber, she shocked Gregory XVI, who immediately exclaimed: “Is it really you or an apparition of you? Is this really my dear daughter? And has she come back from the grave, or has God manifested in her favor the power of the Virgin-Martyr?”

Stunned, Pope Gregory had Pauline walk throughout the halls of the Vatican repeatedly, and also requested her to stay in Rome for an entire year to verify her miraculous cure.

Keeping his word to Pauline, Pope Gregory XVI, on January 13, 1837, in a solemn decree based solely on the power of her undeniable miracles, raised an unknown thirteen-year-old early martyr named Philomena to the altar of the Church, granting a Mass in her honor, and thereby giving official approval to public devotion to her.

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And therefor, I might add, the Philistines who would attack St. Philomena’s repute, can go soak their heads in repentance, and God willing, this will help clean a bit of their minds and poor souls. :slight_smile:

Wonderful saint. Wonderful, wonderful saint. :slight_smile: A great blessing on us all.

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Glory be to God!

I frequently had cold and wheezing from my childhood. When I was around 19 yrs. , it worsened and EVERY NIGHT I WOKE UP AT 3 A.M. IN THE NIGHT WITH WHEEZING.
I had to use an inhaler regularly and still the problem continued. Many times I will not be able to sleep again and I will remain awake until morning. This made me feel very groggy and drained out during the day.

One day, by mere chance, I happened to READ a prayer to St.Philomena . I am saying ‘READ’ because at that time I did not have devotion to the Saint and since it was the first time, I just read the prayer and stated my intention to be cured of this problem. That night I slept throughout without any problem. The next night also I slept well. Only on the third day I realized that I had been CURED OF MY NIGHT TIME DISTURBANCE. Glory to God!

Nearly seven years after that I got married and our honeymoon was planned in a hill station. Once again I remembered St.Philomena and again prayed that there should be no health problems at all during this period. Miraculously I was well for the entire period without any allergy or wheezing.

Have faith in our Lord and pray through the intercession of our Saints. Surely our prayers will be answered in the right time according to God’s will.

I thank wonderful St.Philomena for her intercession with deep gratitude and joy.


Shin -

I couldn’t have put it better myself. My conversion and new found faith are a testiment to the intercession of Blessed Mother, St Philomena, and St John Vianney.

My daughter is a novice nun (in her 3rd year) and has taken the name Sr Mary Philomena.

St John Vianney said that all the miracles he performed (hundreds) were through the intercession of Blessed Mother and St Philomena. And the Pope has proclaimed this the Year for Priests in honor of St John Vianney.

And if you have financial troubles - pray through the intercession of Pauline Marie Jaricot. My other daughter was out of work and I had her do a novena to Pauline and within a week of completion, she got an interview and then got the job.

John Marie Philomena

She has helped me with my vices and psychological issues. She’s an all-around great saint to pray to!

What a beautiful (true) story. I never did read about that occurance even though I’d a great admirer of St. Philomena. Thanks so much for posting this.

I’m starting to discover St. Philomena. She is a great little saint!

Pray for me, daughter of God!


St. Philomena is as real to me as Our Lord Himself! Very, very powerful, very real. She’s helped me in countless ways especially regarding my purity.

The so called “controversy” is sad and upsetting to come across from time to time. Consider what the Popes of the 1800’s and early 1900’s had to say about her:

**Pope Leo XII (1823-1829), granted permission for altars to be dedicated and chapels to be built in honour of Saint Philomena. He called her the Great Saint.

Pope Gregory XVI (1831-1846), mainly as a result of a miracle of healing brought about by Saint Philomena on Blessed Pauline Jaricot, issued a decree authorising the public cultus of Saint Philomena.

Blessed Pope Pius IX (1846-1878), named Saint Philomena Patroness of the Children of Mary in 1849. He approved a special Mass in her honour in1854.

Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903), raised the Saint Philomena Confraternity to the rank of an Arch-Confraternity, enriching it with many indulgences. He blessed and approved the Cord of Saint Philomena.

Pope Saint Pius X had great devotion to Saint Philomena… He encouraged an increase of devotion to the Saint and commanded that decisions and declarations of his predecessors concerning her be in no way changed.**

Also the devotion of St. John Vianney-his attributing all the miracles in his ministry to her, and the countless testimonies easily found on line (just google it!).

Besides all that, for me, I met her from visiting one of her shines less than 2 years ago. Up until then, I had no idea a person could literally have a relationship with a saint, but St. Philomena has been my closest, most real, most dearest patron saint I have never experienced before in my over 50 years of (mostly) being Catholic.

So forget about any so called controversy which is probably due to simple lack of historical evidence, but that makes her even more amazing as she became a saint because of her numerous modern day miracles!

Saint Philomena, powerful with God, pray for us!


I always ask for the intercession in St. Philomena in my prayers :thumbsup:

I did not know a lot about St. Philomena…but I have a feeling she discovered me and wants me to pray to her…and so I have been. A few months ago I was searching for something (do not know even know what) in my attic. I came across a few of my mother’s belongings while there. I saw a chaplet but I did not know which saint it was for. So a little bit of Internet research revealed it was to St. Philomena.

Then a short while later, I was at my daughter’s college and walking down a hallway there was a table with items to be taken for free. One of those items was a pamphlet of prayers to St. Philomena! So after that I began reading about her a lot and took it as a definite sign to pray to her.

I wear her medal daily. I continue to pray to her now for a special intention for my daughter. I know that she is a powerful intercessor and that our prayers before God through her intercession are not refused…as quoted by the Blessed Virgin and St. John Vianney. Because of this she has given me confidence, trust and a peaceful heart.

I have not received an answer yet but I would love to know others experiences with her. I am sure my prayer will be answered in good time.

I love St Philomena and I’m in her Archconfraternity! What most impresses me about her life is her courage and faithfulness to God.

To anyone who hasn’t read her story, here it is :slight_smile:

I just finished a Novena to St. Philomena yesterday. What a coincidence. I hope to hear from St. Philomena soon!

Please let me know if your prayer has been answered…or if you have had any prayers answered through her intercession in the past. I have been praying her novena and chaplet, I will post back here if my intention was answered.

I am awaiting a book I ordered I Ask St. Philomena. I recently read the book St. Philomena, Powerful with God. As I mentioned previously, it is giving me comfort to pray to this powerful intercessor who came into my life.

This is all very interesting to me. Know why? Lately, I’ve been thinking and reading about St. Philomena. In fact, this week I’ve been arranging my books and going through my books on this marvelous saint.

I started having a devotion to St. Philomena several years ago when I was at the smart of my reversion or growing deeper into my faith. I have her blessed cord and prayed novenas to her.

Life happens and over the years, I haven’t been able to keep up with talking to her regularly.

I guess it’s because of her feast day this August. I don’t know, I feel like I want to ask for her intercession for an intention that is important to me, something I’ve been mulling over in my mind.

She’s been really coming up in my life. I think it’s time to renew my devotion to her. :slight_smile:

Hi fin…
I am glad that…in a small way… my post was one of things that reunited you to this great saint. I feel a calmness and reassurance in praying to her,that I feel as though through her God will grant my prayer request. Have you had that experience in the past?

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