St. Raphael the Archangel for young people


I love the book of Tobit and am searching for more information on St. Raphael’s guidance and protection for our (young adult) children.

I can find a lot that is related to finding a spouse or for healing, but it seems to me that Raphael did much more for Tobit’s son - showing him the way, teaching him, and protecting him from evil.

THAT is the prayer of my heart for my children and for each of my nieces and nephews every day. I feel a powerful attraction to call on St. Raphael especially for young people and was just wondering if anyone is aware of writings, novenas, prayers, etc. that focus on his guidance and protection from evil.

I do already pray in my own words, but our church is so rich in this area I sometimes find myself reinventing a perfectly good wheel!

Thank you for any help!



Here is a link to to a prayer to St. Raphael. There are also many other angelic prayers on this website, too:

Here is also a link to a website where you can pray a Chaplet to the Holy Angels, using a Rosary:

This Chaplet includes all of the angels in the prayers, including St. Raphael. :slight_smile:

To my knowledge, St. Michael is the angel that is usually the one that we call on for help when battling with evil. St. Raphael is known for healing, and I have prayed to him for help when I have needed help with healing.

I don’t see why you can’t pray to him for protecting your children, too. You can pray to their guardian angels for protection, too. :slight_smile:



Great idea. Here are a few suggestions:

St. Raphael: Angel of Marriage, Healing, Happy Meetings, Joy and Travel*
by Angela Carol

                                                                     *The Angels: God's Messengers and Our Helpers*

by [size=2]Lawrence G. Lovasik [/size]

St. Raphael is a favorite of mine, too. :slight_smile:


Thank you both so much! :slight_smile:


I prayed a lot to St. Raphael for healing some time ago and I was not forsaken.



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