St. Robert Bellarmine's De Controversiis in English!

I don’t know if anyone here has noticed, but a translation effort has been underway for St. Robert Bellarmine’s de Controversiis, his great apologetic work that laid the foundations for apologetics today.

It is being published by Mediatrix Press, , which is a relatively new company, and now counts two titles, De Romano Pontifice (on The Roman Pontiff) and On the Marks of the Church!

On the Roman Pontiff

On the Marks of the Church

I’m really excited about this effort for the good it will do the Church. Pass it around to those you think will be interested!:highprayer::knight2:
The people running it are a small Catholic family where the husband translates, and their books are printed in the US!

:extrahappy: I’m very happy to see this effort. Thanks for pointing it out. I have heard that when St. Francis de Sales went to Geneva and converted it back to Catholicism, he took with him only a Bible and a copy of the Controversies by St. Robert Bellarmine. He then wrote tracts on Catholic doctrines and spread them around the city, which are apparently summaries of the points St. Bellarmine made. The tracts were eventually collected and published as a book, The Catholic Controversy, which is to my knowledge the only English-translated summary of St. Bellarmine’s Controversies. I’m so glad that the original Controversies is now being made available in English.

When I was in school at Loyola University of Chicago, I once found out that they had the Controversies in their library. I requested to borrow it and was told it was such an old book, in such a poor condition, that I could not borrow it. However, I could come to a special room and I could browse through it with supervision. So I did. What an amazing book, and so large, and so old! But my Latin is pretty poor and I couldn’t make anything of it. Now I can finally start reading it.

You beat me to posting this. :smiley:

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