St. Teresa of Avila -- autobiography

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I wasn’t sure in which ofrum to put this thread… it does involve a moral question, but not only.
Have any of you read the autobiography of Teresa of Avila, the “book of my life” (I am not exactly sure what the English title is. The one that she actually wrote to her confessor(s)?

So, my question to you is: At one point in the first book she says something to the amount of: What she wrote this far, should be made known, but for what she will write from now on, she doesn’t give this permission. And it should not be made known who experienced this.

Did I understand something wrong?
And if not - does that mean, she wouldn’t want us to read the book?
I actually stopped reading the book after that because I wouldn’t want to read something she wouldn’t want to have made public.
But then, I assume that so many highly spiritual people, inlcuding priests, monks… have read the book… maybe later she will say again that it is ok to make it public?

I hope you understand what my concern is, and I apologize if I understood something wrong; I do not want to offend other people who have published/read the book. :slight_smile: It must have somehow been approved by the church and even by priests, so I hope it is not immoral of me to ask this question.


Yes, I have the book, her* Life*. I remember an incident in the EWTN mini-series where a devious person got hold of her book and sat in a gossip session ridiculing St. Teresa. She was mortified! I can’t recall how this person obtained her manuscript, though.

There’s no problem with you reading it, especially now that she is a Doctor of the Church. The Church designates that special title due to the importance and excellent teaching that is found in their writings. You will benefit very much from reading it, although there are some parts that will naturally be obscure.

Enjoy!!! :thumbsup:

thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

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