St. Teresa of Avila's Intercession


As I am growing in my Catholic faith, one of things that can be a little difficult for me sometimes is asking Saints for intercession. Coming from a Protestant background, it seems foreign.

Anyway, a few days ago, an amazing thing happened. A friend of mine (her name is Natalia) was suffering from a bad headache and medication seemed not to be working (they said the headache had gotten a bit better, but it was not leaving them). Then I prayed to St. Teresa of Avila to acquire relief for my friend and their headache went away gradually but quickly.

Obviously, a skeptical part of me thinks it was just the medicines finally kicking in, but I desperately want to believe it was St. Teresa’s intercessions and God’s grace that did it.

Then yesterday, a girlfriend of my RCIA sponsor (her name is Amanda, my sponsor’s name is Raul), who is extremely allergic to shrimp accidentally ate a shrimp. Anyway, I prayed to St. Teresa again. Although my sponsor’s gf’s throat got a little constricted and she did take a lot of Benadryl (sp?), she did not have to go to the hospital or anything.

Thank you St. Teresa!!! :thumbsup:


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