St. Teresa Prayer


I’d like an intercessory prayer to St. Teresa of Avila. I’m not the most creative myself :o, so if you know of one or can “make” one, it would be tremendously appreciated. I have quite the devotion to her. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


How about this one:

"O Saint Teresa,
seraphic Virgin,
beloved spouse of thy crucified Lord,
thou who on earth didst burn
with a love so intense
toward thy God and my God,
and now dost glow with a brighter
and purer flame in paradise:
obtain for me also,
I beseech thee,
a spark of that same holy fire
which shall cause me to forget the world,
all things created, and even myself;
for thou didst ever avidly desire
to see Him loved by all men.

Grant that my every thought
and desire and affection may be
continually directed to doing the will of God,
the supreme Good,
whether I am in joy or in pain,
for He is worthy to be loved and obeyed forever.
Obtain for me this grace,
thou who art so powerful with God;
may I be all on fire, like thee,
with the holy love of God.


I found this short one too - short and sweet, though not an intercessory prayer…


You can always use the collect and antiphons and hymns from her office if you like.


I like that one NPC. :slight_smile:

I actually just started looking into the Divine Office yesterday. I hope to pray it daily. Thanks bpbasilphx. I didn’t even know there were any. :slight_smile:


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