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I have a devotion to St Therese and there have been times when I said the novena prayer and a part of it is asking for her intercession and for her to send you a rose… as she said, she will send down “a shower of roses”. I didn’t always get roses, but at times I did, in really interesting ways that I wouldn’t say were coincidences. Well at one of those times, - I prayed and saw a vase of roses in front of me on the table, (someone in my family had put them there) - but I didn’t see the vase before. it was early in the morning so I don’t know if I looked properly, but I didn’t see it until after I said the prayer. Well I just read an article where it said that the devil can interfere with our vision and hide objects etc. My question is, - is this something that God does too? Were the roses from Him? I guess I’m kind of worried :frowning: but the result was good because it helped me to believe in the intercession of the Saints… (I was converting to Catholicism)


I have completed two novenas to st therese and am currently working on a third. I haven’t recived a rose or any kind of sign yet, I think. I’ve been really vigilant but with no luck. I’m assuming one dosent always get a rose even if the petition is answered? Or is it one of those things that god let’s st therese interced when the times right? What I’m getting at, does god ever have a sign for a no?

I prayed in front of St. Therese’s statue at a local parish one day just out of respect for her. I did not ask for a rose. The next week a lady named Rose called to say she had a document for one of my customers that I was waiting on for quite some time. :slight_smile:

Re Stuk:

I am not sure why you are praying to her… But If you are praying to her to “see if it works” I would not expect that you would get a rose as that is basically putting God to the test. Ask for something good and holy that you may need and you might just get the rose as a bonus.

I’m not sure. I did a novena just recently concerning my vocation, and she has been really up front with me to say the least!

I went to a Eucharistic Adoration/concert thing a few weeks ago, and they were burning incense, and I am saying to myself, “What is that smell? What does that incense smell like?” It was roses! Then I realized that there was a rose right by the tabernacle!

The following Sunday was Corpus Christi Sunday, and there are four “stops” so to speak where there is a statue on a decorated table. So, as we pull into the parking lot, what is the first statue I notice? St. Therese’s. :smiley:

Two Sundays ago was my birthday, and some old lady from church gave me a note and some money. I was reading the note and she said, “Sorry I couldn’t find a good card for you! So I picked this note with a picture of St. Therese on it.” So, I looked on the back and I’m like, “ST. THERESE?”

I’ve also come across her picture at some times on the web for no reason.

She’s made it pretty clear about what God wants from me. :smiley:

You guys make getting roses sound easy!

I too just finished a Novena to her but have yet to receive anything. Ah well. There’s always next time :rolleyes:

I’m not praying to see if it works, I’m praying for a personal petition. I guess I’m hoping/wanting the rose as a sign to the answer to my petition. But I’ve read that sometimes a yes happens but not right away. And sometimes a yes happens but with no rose. So I’m just being impatient with the response to my petition. But the petition itself can also be one that’s asking for too much. Thanks for the input cat herder.

I have devotion to St. Therese and she is one of my favorite saints. I have never ever receive a rose from her, but I have heard people who does.

I have no opinion about this, but I just want to say

So glad to see you Monica! :smiley:

I know I’ve noticed rose related items when not excepting them to be seen especially if I have been saying prayers. I may not always ask her intercession specifically but I am sure she knows anyways even without asking.

I believe that if we pray for something that eventually helps us deepen our relationship with God, then even if the devil pretends and gives you the roses … it is his lost. Nevertheless, if you believe it is from her, don’t let the devil rob you the peace and trust in God’s love for you through her intercession.

St Therese has helped me many times in my life and I am very convinced that when she wants you to receive the rose, you just know in your heart that it is from her because she wants you to know that God loves you. She also has a way to let us know she is with us in many different ways.

Thanks for the replies, I think maybe it is more simple to believe the roses came from St Therese… :slight_smile:

A long time ago I prayed to St Therese to ask Jesus if he loves me and to send me a rose if he does.
I never got one and it hurt.
That was the last straw that broke the camels back so to say.
I left

No offense to you, but you shouldn’t wager your soul on a rose. Just because you didn’t get a rose doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you.

yes it does because St Therese is never meant to fail

Every single prayer is answered. But just because it wasn’t answered the way you wanted it answered doesn’t mean it was ignored.

is not the Cross the greatest evidence of God’s love? also the Eucharist… why do we need more proofs? Maybe the reason you didn’t get a rose is because God and St Therese were letting you know that you should believe in God’s love by faith, and based on the real evidence of this that we have: the Crucifixion. If St Therese had sent you a rose, it would have been like - the Cross is not enough… maybe it wasn’t God’s will, and St Therese would never go against His will. None of this means that God doesn’t love you. The Church teaching is that God loves every person as if they were the only one. God bless :slight_smile:

Hi.I can testify to the novenas of St Therese of the child Jesus.I have the novena a number of times and all the times i saw beautiful roses.Dear pray with a sincere heart.Do not be out to test God.Remember He knows our hearts.Pray and ask St Therese to pray for you and you will see what i am talking about.

I’ve been devoted to St. Therese since I was very little. I’ve said the novena several times, for different reasons. Sometimes, I think I’ve put way too much emphasis on receiving a rose, because I wanted that sign of confirmation that my prayers were answered, so badly. But, like someone else already said, you can’t tempt God by asking for something and assume that when you don’t get what you want, that He’s not listening.

You shouldn’t always expect a direct answer from God, at all. That’s not how He works. He always answers our prayers, but sometimes the answer is just, ‘no’. If we stamp our feet and give God ultimatums, we usually just end up being disappointed in the end. God doesn’t want to do favors for spoiled children that make demands on Him, just to prove that He’s there. He wants us to be humble, simple and loving, then He’ll be much more likely give us whatever we want, whenever we ask for it with love in our hearts. We can’t forget that when we pray to any Saint, we’re actually praying to God, and He’s the one that really answers those prayers.

At other times, I’ve totally forgotten about the roses and was very surprised when I received one (or more) from someone saying, “I just had the urge to give you this.”. Then, her promise comes back to me and I immediately say, “Thank you, St. Therese!” :smiley:

PS: It doesn’t even have to be a real rose. Sometimes it’s just a picture, or a card, or some other thing associated with roses. It might even be someone telling you that they said a rosary for your intentions because they thought you might need it. :cool:

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