St. Thérèse de Lisieux siblings who died


St. Thérèse de Lisieux had 4 siblings who died in early childhood. (Hélène, Mélanie, Joseph Louis & Joseph Jean Baptiste.) Can anyone tell me the dates of their birth & death? Thanks! I’ve searched the Internet but can’t find them, & I know the dates for the others, so this is frustrating.

Thanks in advance. God bless :slight_smile:


Helene: Born Oct. 13 1864, died Feb. 22 1870
Joseph Louis: Born Sept. 20, 1866, died Feb. 14, 1867
Joseph Jean Baptiste: born Dec. 19, 1867, died Aug. 24 1868
Melainie therese: bort Aug. 16, 1870, died Oct 8, 1870


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! (This has really made my day.)


If you are interested in the Martin family… I would highly recommend this website. The webmaster, Mr. Hannan… is doing a marvelous job! God bless.


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