St. Therese rose colors and my relationship - signs?


My boyfriend of 4 months and I have always liked the idea of St. Therese sending us roses. We are under the impression that yellow roses mean friendship, pink ones represent the beginning stages of love, and red roses are deep romantic love. We often pray to St. therese and ask her to send us roses as signs for our relationship.

One day when my boyfriend and I went into a cathedral to pray about us and our relationship (this was when we'd been dating for a two months), he said he saw a yello rose. This worried both of us. Does that just mean that we should develop our friendship more within the relationship? Or was it supposed to mean that we were supposed to be just friends?

We took it as a sign to develop our friendship within the relationship. We have now been dating for months and love each other. What jogged my memory about the yellow roses was that I saw online a picture of several bouquets of yellow roses. Does this mean anything? Are we taking this too literally? could the roses refer to something else?

Sidenote: Once I prayed a novena to St. Therese and asked her to help me with myself and within my relationship. The day after I finished the novena, I saw a few bouquets of red and white and pink roses. Is this a good sign? And what do the yellow roses in the cathedral mean? I'm nervous...


Thank you for coming here and sharing your story! God bless you and I will be praying for you!

While St. Therese is a wonderful intercessor, it seems that your devotion to her may have crossed the lines into superstition.

Talk to Jesus, he loves you so much! Spend time with him for a while, St. Therese will understand. Jesus will help you let go of this pattern, once you have been able to let go of seeing roses everywhere and trying to interpret the "sign" then you should find the peace that you desire.

Take care, hope this helps a little.


For what it's worth, I have to say that in all the years that I have asked St. Therese for a rose, there is NO ambiguity about it at all!

I see roses all the time... I love roses... I have pictures of them in my home and rose bushes outside my door. I work in a supermarket, where I can see the floral displays in the produce department from my work station, with an abundance of roses. I do not take these as roses from St. Therese.

But one time I did ask St. Therese for a favor and asked her to send me a rose, because there was a great deal of uncertainty about the whole situation and I wanted a sign that I should proceed in faith, despite all the uncertainty. Within hours, I got a phone call from a friend I hadn't seen in a while and she asked if I wanted a rose bush! She said she had been moving some plants in her garden and that her roses needed to be moved and, although I live nearly 20 miles from her home, she thought of me first. Well, I certainly wasn't going to turn away St. Therese's roses, so I accepted. She showed up with FIVE rose bushes... all of them blooming! Needless to say, I proceeded with faith and confidence and everything worked out fine (and I thanked St. Therese profusely!)

Another instance was my sister-in-law... she had often asked St. Therese for a rose whenever she asked her to intercede, but she was discouraged because she never got a rose (even though, and this is important to remember, she DID have some of her prayers answered.) One day, she had a very important intention and she once again addressed it to St. Therese, but at the end she added, "I don't know why I keep coming to you... you never send me roses! I wish, just once, you'd send me just one rose!" Well, she got to work (she's a university professor) and when she walked into her office, there was a vase with a dozen roses sitting on it! And old friend she hadn't seen in years, decided to send her roses for her birthday! Later in the day, three of her students each gave her a single rose and wished her a happy birthday, then when some of her colleagues took her to lunch for her birthday, they also presented her with a bouquet of six roses! She very humbly apologized to St. Therese and thanked her... she could never again complain that St. Therese wasn't listening!

The point is, IF St. Therese is going to send you a rose, there will be no doubt about it... she will all but clobber you over the head with them! And it is possible that she will answer your request WITHOUT a visible sign of a rose, as well. But do not be seeing roses wherever you go and think they are all signs from St. Therese... neither attach any importance to the color. "Rose is a rose is a rose...."


O Little Therese of the Child Jesus
Please pick for me a rose
from the heavenly garden
and send it to me
as a message of love.

O Little Flower of Jesus,
ask God to grant the favors
I now place with confidence
in you hands
(to know if the guy my family has found for me now is the chosen person by God for marriage)

St. Therese, help me to always believe
as you did, in God’s great love for me
so that I may imitate your “Little Way” each day.

Please show me a sign of red rose if hes the right guy in 5 days


The whole idea is that you get roses. The color doesn’t matter. I’ve never heard of a color distinction in connection with St. Therese.


Roses are everywhere this time of year. Just because you see what doesn’t mean it’s a messagage. Now if someone hands you one of one falls in you lap as if from nowhere that’s something I would take as a sign.


This is sound advice.

I would only add that if you truly feel that St. Therese is sending you these roses, then regardless of the colour it can’t be a bad sign. Be thankful that you not only have someone that shares your faith but your devotion to St. Therese as well.


Hi all,

 I am new to the site and am full of questions. I recently said a novena to St. Teresa and am not sure if all that I saw was her reply/answer.  See the person who suggested the other St Teresa novena says that it must be a real rose.  Shortly after saying the novena, I went out to an electronics store.  While waiting I looked at cases for my new device & my eye went right to a case with Roses as a design.  More of the same happened after, but still it wasn't a real rose.  Then one day I went into my trunk and old, dried, still wrapped Rose fell out at me. I don't remember when I got it, why, or who gave it to me. The person who suggested the novena, still says that is not the sign/answer.  

 One day while driving to work, going the same way I always go, I look left and I see a single rose in my neighbor's garden.  I pass that house everyday and haven't noticed it.  It was 1 single red rose in the middle of a green bush and, grass etc.  It was the only flower there. This time the individual said she wasn't sure if that was the sign.  Shortly after, the rose was gone.  

 Then the other day I was talking with a co-worker via inter-office instant message (chat) and would close the conversation box after each of my replies. He replied back and when I opened the new chat box, it was just an icon of a rose, that's it.  Now I don't know what to think.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you in advance and God Bless!!!


“Signs” can be a nice consolation and a nice place to get encouragement for a difficult path, but it is important not to get superstitious. Look for concrete reasons to take the relationship in one direction or another, not superstitious ones. IOW, use the “signs” as a consolation to help you to stay the course on a virtuous line of action or to be especially grateful for unseen graces at work. This is what your patroness did!

As for your decisions, though, spend time in prayer and ask sensible questions before the Lord: Do you bring out the best in each other? Do you communicate well? Do you respect each other? Do you each think the other is good at decision-making–morally, financially, emotionally, socially? For instance, do you think the other good at choosing friends and wise in how he or she handles money? Do you think his or her spiritual life fits well with your own? Would you ever be willing to compromise and give in to his or her sense of things instead of your own? If this person were a monastery of one, would you join to make it two?

You have St.Thérèse in common. That’s a nice sign! :thumbsup:


No. It doesn’t work like this. You cannot demand a time line.

And if at the end of 5 days you don’t receive the roses, what then? Will you break up over it?

I don’t know how old you are or why you are in such a hurry, or need so much reassurance. But you need to calm down and see where things go. If you need to know, and you have to know right now, then maybe you are not ready for a relationship yet.

Love is patient. Wait for it.


My experience is that sometimes St. Therese will send a rose other times not. I have been engaged for about 4 years. Last year we broke up. I prayed on to St. Therese, to ask her to please give me a sign if he would come back. and not only did she send me a rose bush, but 2. He didn’t come back until about 8 months later, then he left for 2 weeks cause of a huge fight and I prayed a novena and asked St. Theresa and St. Jude if he comes back please let him bring a dozen roses, if not please let him show up with nothing and I will take that as a sign that we were not ment to be and only remain friends. Now my David, has not bought me flowers for about two years by that time. And he did come back in January and brought not one but 2 dozen red roses. When I asked him why did he bring them, he answered me, well I was on my way here and as I passed by the store I felt something was pulling me to buy you roses, at first I was just going to buy you a dozen, then went to another store and bought you and extra dozen. Now we are kind of giving each other space cause he needs it, and I have been praying to her, and find myself being pushed on roses like crazy, online, and funny thing is I am smelling roses where there are no roses, So I know it is her way of saying patience. Pray for guidance and you will know in your heart it will scream clear as day if this relationship is meant to be. You will know. And don’t worry about the color, unless it’s a black rose.


I would like to share my experience with St. Therese and flowers, both to honor her and encourage others.

For me, Therese has sent what I ask for, and usually relatively soon after asking, though not always. I am very intentional about asking for specific flowers, and I try to choose unusual things or things I have never seen before so that I am sure they are a message from her. That said, I ask for all sorts of flowers, not just roses (she is a saint after all–she isn’t limited to roses), and I definitely ask for specific colors to mean specific things, and I make this clear in my prayers to her. I have asked for magenta roses, green roses, tiger lillies when they were out of season, burgundy calla lillies, pink and white tulips, magenta and white roses, etc, and I have recieved each and every one. I’ll briefly recount the most striking elements of these consolations…

-The magenta roses I asked for during a trying time in my marriage. Magenta was one of my wedding colors, and I found out it symbolizes both passion and calm with its red and purple hues. I appreciated this since it suits the blend of my husband and I–I am passionate, he is calm and serene. Anyway, I asked for the roses to assure me my husband and I would not only heal, but would flourish together. I received the roses within three days of asking, and started to wonder if they were too pink (a worrying wife over-thinks things!). So, I did what anyone would–I asked her to make them more purple. And she did. They ended up the most beaming, radiant magenta, and I took about a million pictures of them in an attempt to capture the gift. Most importantly, my husband and I mended our relationship, and have developed a bond that is truly singular and irreplaceable, thanks to God’s grace

-I asked for magenta and white roses–as in magenta and white mixed together somehow–to assure me my husband and I would conceive children (magenta for our marital bond, white for life). Shortly thereafter, I received magenta roses, but there was no white. I was praying a novena to St. Ann at the time, and just as I was starting to despair, I prayed my novena, got up, went into the room with the flowers, and one petal, right in the front, was bent downward, revealing a white line in the middle of the petal. We have not conceived children yet, but the incredible way the sign was given to us gives us rest and assurance. I saved the petal and plan to frame it to hang in our nursery some day, and we also plan to name our first girl Rosalie St.Therese (Rosalie means “rose garden”) as a way to honor her.

-Finally, most recently, I asked for green roses–a very hard thing to come by, and something I have never seen before. I asked without even knowing if they existed! I asked for them to signify good health as I have recently come down with some perplexing neurological symptoms. Sure enough, they showed up, and my very burdened heart felt such relief at the sight of them. They are a pale green, the color of green hydragenias. I did some googling, and they are called “St. Patrick tea roses.” Roses named for a saint was nice touch on Therese’s part! My health has improved, but my symptoms are still here and I am still in the process of seeing doctors in hope of answers. In the meantime, I have gotten two more bunches of green roses, which surprised me since I didn’t ask for any more. Turns out, my mother asked her to send me more as a sign I will be healthy!

All of this to say, consolations from heaven are such a sweet, tender gift that can carry us through dark times. St. Therese’s signs for me have been like salve on my wounds. Given her signs and God’s work in my life already, I look forward to seeing what the future holds.


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