St. Therese sent me heavenly flowers in an unusual way

It’s traditional when praying a novena to St. Therese, you look out for flowers, since she usually sends them.

Every time I’ve done a novena to her, I receive flowers in some way in my life.

However this time was the most moving.

First of all, I did one of those silly quizzes that tells you “what your name means” in another language. Of course, it’s not accurate at all, but I still thought of St. Therese when mine came up as “Heavenly Flower” during the novena.

The most amazing thing in this novena was meeting my little cousin for the first time.

She is named after a flower.

St. Therese shows me that human persons can be heavenly flowers too.

(A couple of weeks later I was also sent flowers from the person I prayed the novena for.)

Thank you St. Therese.

How sweet :slight_smile:

That’s very nice :slight_smile:

That is beautiful.

Such sweet stories to illustrate answers to prayer! GOd Bless you LuciaPacifici :slight_smile:

What an awesome story! I love St. Therese - she’s my home gal :dancing::dancing::dancing:

A few years ago my friend lost her very dear friend rather suddenly and she was sooo shocked and sad. On the way home from Jo’s funeral, I said to my young son, “Let’s go get some flowers for her and send them to her home so she will know we are thinking of her.” We got a beautiful table display with a white carnation on top and as we were walking out, I turned and said to the lady, “Could you make that top carnation a beautiful big red rose instead, I think Jo would like her to have that?” and the lady said sure and she would see that they got there before dinner time. That evening my friend called me and was thanking me and crying at the same time. I was trying to calm her down until she finally was able to talk, and she told me that this morning before going to the Funeral Home she went to Church and prayed for Jo and she told me ," I don’t know why, but I asked Jo that if she was in Heaven would she send me a big red Rose." There on top of your flowers was her big red rose and not only that but on the card it said, “Jo wanted you to have this red Rose.” I truly didn’t know what to say! God works in Mysterious Ways. God Bless, Memaw

What an encouraging story!


I love this!

I was sent a sign from a friend after she passed that she was ok. I think this is beautiful.

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