St. Therese the Little Flower appeared to me in a dream

Last night I had a very short dream.

I was standing in a solid white place and there was a small, pretty young woman sitting on the ground before me. I say to her:

“Are you St. Therese, the Little Flower?”

She then stands up and smiles greatly and nods her head. I try to walk past her and she stands in front of me blocking my way. She has a confused look on her face and she looks like she wants to know where I am going. I say:

“I have to ask God if he is getting my prayers and novena. And if he is, when is he going to answer them for me. I need them answered now.”

She puts her arm on my shoulder and gives me another smile/reassuring glance. She says:

“God wants you to do something for him first.”

I actually felt impatient because I’ve prayed for so long to get this job I’m in the running for and I feel so close to God and now he wants me to do something for him first. I can tell she senses my frustration and then pushes something towards me.

She pushes toward me a human ribcage. It’s turned on it’s back and the ribs are covered with jewels. I ask her what it is and she says:

“It’s the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

She then opens the jeweled ribcage up and there inside it I see briefly a giant red heart that begins to glow bright. And everything suddenly grows white, and then I woke up from my dream.

Should I take this as a sign to say the Sacred Heart? I’m confused, but still in shock. I’ve never had a dream like this before. The part that I remember most vividly and that amazes me is that I recognize her as the Little Flower and actually ask her. And she confirms it!

Any thoughts?

were you thinking about her during the day at all before you went to bed? regardless that’s awesome and the prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of my favorites

What a beautiful dream!

I have also dreamed of her. She is my confirmation saint. I had an extraordinarily difficult time/tedious journey to being confirmed and when I was at my wits’ end, I dreamed of her. I’d already chosen her as my confirmation saint at this point. In the dream, she was sitting as I walked past her and she just looked at me. I had the impression that she was letting me know she was with me.

I don’t know what your dream means, but I think it’s wonderful when we can gain insight from the saints. Even in dreams.

I had a dream about three black bears bungie jumping.

No. I hadn’t thought about her at all. I had been praying to Padre Pio and St Joseph recently but that’s all.

She just appeared out of nowhere in the dream. I just wish I knew what it was God wanted me to do with the Sacred Heart.

Maybe you could try just researching the Sacred Heart devotion and practicing it for now, and in time, it would be more clear :slight_smile:

God bless

The Sacred Heart is the Holy Eucharist

… an article written by by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.
at the following website:

Like Monica4316 suggests, this website is awesome for researching how to practice devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Another suggestion would be to visit your nearest Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel.


BTW, I once attended a Mass celebrated by Fr. John Hardon and I believe he’s a saint in heaven, hopefully he’ll be canonized soon.

~~ the phoenix

Why not do it? What have you got to lose to send another prayer to God in a different form?
Here’s a link that may be helpful :slight_smile:
All I know vaguely about the Sacred Heart devotion is that you can take the communion for the first 9 fridays in devotion to his Sacred Heart. I think it runs along the side of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I did that one, it was a First Five Saturdays Devotion and I smelled roses at the end of it :slight_smile: So do it!! Nice dream btw :thumbsup:

Thanks for the links to the Sacred Heart everyone! Merry Christmas!

oh wow i love that article!! thank you for sharing it!

I have had an interesting experience with her too. It was shortly after I had been confirmed or shortly before but I had already had chosen St. Agnes to be my patron saint but when I was hosting my french friend for 3 weeks, I could sense her presence with me at different times. There was even a time when I was in church and I felt as if I were wearing a habit but it really was St. Therese with me. I don’t know what it was she was trying to tell me but ever since my french- “brother” left, I have not felt her presence since then.

I have, however, have prayed to her since, in helping me find my vocation and I got an answer from her not long I asked the prayer. I asked to see a Red Rose if I were to marry and a White Rose if I were to be a nun. Like hours to a day later I saw a hallmark commercial of a wedding that was heavily decorated with White Roses. How wonderful is that!

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I know exactly what it means. You are being asked to make the oblation to merciful love and console Jesus heart. Read about it. She is asking for a legions of victims.

St. Thérèse apparently has quite a history of appearing to people in their dreams. Check it out:

I have had several experiences with St. Faustina myself, so I can relate.

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