St Therese

What was this saint famous for?

St. Therese, also known as “the Little Flower”, was known for sharing her spirituality “the little way of love and self surrender”. Her superior asked her to write her autobiography, and the entire Church has been blessed by it. It is called “The Story of a Soul” and anyone who reads it is inspired by it.

She was made a Doctor of the Church by Blessed John Paul II, because of the spirituality she shares in it.

She died at the age of 24…and had entered Carmel at a very young age.

For additional understanding if desired, her autobiography required of her by her religious superior (and sister):

In her “Little Way,” she taught that holiness (such as we would find in a Saint) can be attained while living ordinary, work-a-day lives. We need not live lives filled with great acts of heroic virtue.

This holiness extends to spiritual perfection, which is the complete aversion to all sin (as was taught about by the foundress of her Order, St. Teresa of Avila, and Teresa’s student, St. John of the Cross).

For her teaching about the Little Way, she was named Doctor of the Church (she is one of only four women Doctors).

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