St Thomas and Father Groeschel

I have a question about Father Groeschel and St Thomas but I may have misunderstood Father Groeschel and so my question may not even make sense but here goes anyways…

Father Groeschel once said that he got into trouble in the seminary because he was a Thomist(?). It seems to me that this was when modernism was really taking hold in the seminaries across the country.

Did St Thomas fall out of favor amongst priests and bishops over the past 40 years or so?


“Thomist” refers to St. Thomas Aquinas and his philosophy, including his theology, which has been very influential on the teaching of the Church. The Thomist view of things may be described as Realism which until relatively recently was the predominant approach to understanding the God and creation. Realism asserts that there is an objective reality which the human intellect is ordered to comprehend.

Fr. Groeschel was probably experiencing static from people who espouse a more nominalist position which holds that there is no objective reality outside the mind, or that if there is, we cannot say anything definitive about it as such.

These are gross simplifications but you can search for the key terms and learn more.


Thank you! I knew someone here would be lead me in the right direction…


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