St. Thomas Aquinas And The Immaculate Conception

"If the soul of the Blessed Virgin had never incurred the stain of original sin, this would be derogatory to the dignity of Christ, by reason of His being the universal Saviour of all… But the Blessed Virgin did indeed contract original sin, but was cleansed therefrom before her birth from the womb." ( I guess that explains it)

Does this mean that he denied the immaculate conception?
I have had alot of questions about Marian theology lately, but I havent been able to find many answers. For example where did the assumption, and the immaculate conception come from, how do we know that they happened?.

Thanks, I just really need some answers :stuck_out_tongue:

Never mind he didnt, the bold part explains it :blush:

St Thomas Aquinas did not believe in the Immaculate Conception but in his day it was not dogma anyway.

I quote his own words in the Catechetical Instructions of St Thomas Aquinas:

“Christ excelled the Blessed Virgin in this, that he was conceived and born without original sin, while the Blessed Virgin was conceived in original sin, but was not born in it.”

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