St. Thomas's handwriting & original MSS?

Does anyone know where I could find images of St. Thomas Aquinas’s original manuscripts (MSS) online? Thanks

Many people have heard of the mirrored handwriting of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), [RIGHT]—[/RIGHT]
but few know that another genius, St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), wrote Latin with a littera inintelligibilis, an “unintelligible lettering:” Manuscript page showing “littera inintelligibilis,” written and autographed by St. Thomas Aquinas.
[RIGHT]—“St. Thomas Aquinas,” New Catholic Encyclopedia[/RIGHT]
St. Thomas apparently dictated his writings to a handful secretaries simultaneously because he could not get his thoughts down fast enough. This might explain his littera inintelligibilis.

You might try emailing priests of the Dominican order. They would likely know if there is anything on-line. If not, you could use the old fashioned method of finding them in a library. :slight_smile:

I believe that this is one existent MSS with an autography of St. Thomas. However, I don’t know where you could find it. You would need to get in contact with a member of the Leonine Commission to verify.

Thanks! That’s a good idea!

I emailed the author of, and he said:

Except for some few poor quality images, there are not images of the remaining Aquinas’s originals available on the internet. However, you will be glad to know that I am organizing an EU funded project for a new, enriched electronic edition of Aquinas’s works including high quality images of his orignal handwritten manuscripts (if we obtain the legal permissions, of course). However, implementing this project will take, in the best case, some years. Yours, Enrique A.

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