St. Torelli's water

What is this? My local parish sometimes blesses oil, salt, and St. Torelli’s water. What is the purpose? Thanks for satisfying my curiousity!

What’s the water for?

Nothing at New Advent, nothing at sqpn - I cannot find a St. Torelli anywhere official.

There is no Saint Torelli but there is a Blessed Torello:

That’s a new one on me. Now my curiosity is piqued! Can you possibly ask your parish priest about it and get back to all of us on what he says?

OK, here’s the answer! St. Torelli’s water is water blessed for people who are ill to drink. The oil and salt blessed can be used to cook with or the salt can be used to sprinkle around like most of us do with holy water.
Now we all know! I feel so much smarter than I did yesterday. ha!

Could you post us a link to an official Catholic source that tells about this unrecognized sacramental?

Um, no. if there were a link available, all of those who looked for the answer online would have found it. I actually found some info in a book at home on sacramentals and it was under St. Torellus water, along with 5 or 6 other St. Somebody waters. The oil and salt I’ve heard of before. This local parish can’t be the only TLM parish that blesses this water… I’ll bet someone else will come along who will be able to fill us in with more info.
I wouldn’t say the sacramental is “unrecognized.” Perhaps “little known” is a better descriptor. Obviously the good priests who make these available to the parishoners recognize both the sacramentals and the efficacy of them, too, apparently.

It’s in the Appendix to the Rituale Romanum - “Benedictio Aquae in honorem BMV et S. Torelli, Conf. pro infirmis”. The blessings in the Appendix were reserved to certain congregations or required by indult. In any case,. there are many sacramentals like this (especially blessed water in honour of a saint) that are found only in local liturgical books, sometimes only in one particular church. Not every sacramental is cataloged on the Internet and available publicly. Also, if I’m not mistaken, the new Book of Blessings gives a very wide permission for blessings of items in honour of the saints.

What is Saint Torelli Water?

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