St. Ursula's private revelations?

I presume this is okay to talk about because St. Ursula is a saint of very long standing, and it’s generally okay to talk about private revelations to saints on here even if the revelation itself didn’t get a separate approval from the Church.

Anyway, I recently read a statement from a priest that saints can have errors in their private revelations. He cited St. Ursula as an example, but didn’t say anything about her revelations or what the errors were.

I like St. Ursula for obvious reasons, and tried to research this, but cannot find anything about St. Ursula even having private revelations, much less what the errors might have been in her revelations. The sources I’ve found just say that we know very little about St. Ursula and talk about her and her companions being martyred.

I just wondered if anyone on here, perhaps someone involved with the Ursulines who I know teach at many schools, would have any knowledge about St. Ursula’s private revelations or could point me to a source.

One of the Catholic girls high schools in Pittsburgh was Ursaline Academy. I don’t think much, if anything about private revelation was discussed in the religion classes, though.

Disclaimer… didn’t attend there, but a number of my friends did.

Where I grew up, there were two girls’ Catholic high schools in the area; one was Sisters of St. Joseph and the other was Ursulines. I ended up at the SSJ one, partly because my grade school was SSJ and partly because my mother thought there were too many wealthy girls attending the Ursuline school. The Ursulines also have a liberal arts college in a ritzy suburb near there. I didn’t attend that one either.

I still like St. Ursula.

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Is it possible that priests can have errors in their statements? Like they meant St Hildegarde, not St Ursula?

It makes more sense to say it about this Doctor of the Church rather than the historically less certain St Ursula.

I considered the possibility that the priest got his saints confused. That may very well be the case.

I’m not disputing what he said in general, I agree private revelations of saints may contain errors. I just was curious if someone was knowledgeable about St Ursula since she might be better known to those taught by Ursulines.

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