St Valentine statue

Why is it impossible to find a St Valentine statue? I want all of my family’s patron saints represented in our family altar, but can’t find St Valentine anywhere. Does anyone have a recommendation? Maybe an icon?

Have you tried to google St. Valentine statue? I did and loads came up in various price ranges.

I have, but I only get St Patrick. Or it shows St. Valentine on the link and when you open it it is St Anthony or St Patrick.

I see that there is a statue of St. Valentine sold on the web but it appears to be a generic saint statue that the company markets as several different saints by simply changing what item the saint is holding. That is extremely annoying to me and I would imagine to you too. For 75 dollars or whatever I don’t want St. Valentine to also look like St. Richard, St. Eugene, St. Wolfgang etc.

Unfortunately it’s hard to find statues of more obscure saints without paying a good bit of money. If you are okay with a primitive statue, like a painted “peg doll”, you could try Etsy; there are a couple of St. Valentine statues over there. Otherwise I would recommend you look for an icon. For some reason it is easy to get cheap little pasted-paper icons of even obscure saints.


I can go for an icon. I really just want our Patron Saints represented. I do love icons though.

Which St Valentine?

St Valentine of Rome

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