St. Valentine's Day fun ideas for parents!

Erm, no, not that kind of fun. :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s keep this PG, shall we? :wink:

So, pre-kids, St. Valentine’s Day was a lot easier to celebrate than it is now. At least for us, it involved a really nice dinner out near but not on the day (we’re both introverts; we hate crowds!), maybe a movie or a show, and exchanging small gifts or going in together on a bigger one we’d both enjoy.

Now that DD is here, dinners out are few and far between thanks to a lack of babysitting. Mind you, she’s definitely worth it, but I still want to keep St. Valentine’s Day special, y’know?

Here’s the point: post some ideas–preferably not of the “I just get my wife a $5,000 item of jewelry every year!” variety–of little things to celebrate St. Valentine’s day. I know this is a little belated, but maybe we’ll all get some new, cool ideas for this year, next year, and the years to come!

Okay, here’s what we’re doing at our place:

I’ll be making a nice dinner for after DD goes to bed: grill a steak, make a salad, throw some rolls alongside it, and then a little dessert I can make earlier in the day. The idea is to not have to do much to bring dinner onto the table after bedtime: all of these things can be done earlier in the day except for putting the steak on the grill. I’ve picked up a bottle of a favorite wine, and we’ll have that over dinner and while watching a history documentary (yes, we’re nerds, what can I say?) together after dinner.

In terms of gifts, DH isn’t really an expensive gift sort of guy at all. I’ve gotten him a sampler bottle of cologne to see if he’ll like it, and a bag of his favorite candies. Might pick up some golf balls tomorrow if I get around to it, too. He’ll be honestly happy about all of the above, and we won’t break the bank–yay!

Fire away, all!

I think they invented “carside-to-go” services for introverts to use on Valentine’s Day. :stuck_out_tongue: That’s probably what we’ll do. It’s more than just fast food, but we still get to eat it at home.

I also love this card that Didymus posted on the Stupid Stuff thread:

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]Stupid Stuff thread


Love this card!

My kids aren’t old enough for this yet, but I’m holding onto this from the Catholic All Year blog: Tierney Bistro: Child Labor At Its Finest, for St. Valentine’s Day.

This year my husband is making us dinner (being in the kitchen right now makes me nauseous). We were going to go to a parish dinner that offered free babysitting but we missed the deadline to register…whoops. :blush:

Oh, and heart shaped waffles for breakfast with strawberries and Nutella. That’s a whole family thing, but still awesome.

That Bistro idea sounds like a good one. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Will your parish not let you register late? I’ve never known a parish to adhere to their registration deadline. Around here, the deadline is usually the first day people start registering, not the last. :stuck_out_tongue:

Truthfully, when my husband said he would not only cook, but cook one of his family’s traditional Italian recipes, I didn’t bother to consider any other option. :blush:

Love the Valentine’s card!

Your grocery store probably has a large $4 bunch of carnations and there are a million pretty Mylar balloons this time of year. Very festive, lasts a long time, and not expensive.

I try to avoid going out actually on Valentine’s or Mother’s Day, because it’s so crazy out there. Much nicer to celebrate on a slightly different date.

When my kids were little, I always made valentines day a day for the family. I made them cards, they made valentines for my husband and each other. I set the table nicely and had paper hearts hanging over the table from threads on the ceiling. Everyone had a heart shaped tin at their place at the table filled with their favorite grocery store candy. Dinner was whatever we were having, but they always liked it because of the decorations and all. Usually I baked or made some kind of special dessert.

My oldest is 26 now. My youngest is almost 18. When my daughter went away to college years ago, she said she really missed our valentine dinner, and asked what we had for dinner. Now, she decorates her own home for valentines day. :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know what “the grown ups” are doing this year yet. :o

I’m told that this year, my husband and big girl are going to make me chocolate muffins with chocolate chips for Valentine’s.


Aww, that’s so sweet! Maybe one day she will remember that as a special memory with her dad.:slight_smile:

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