St. Vincent Ferrer comic!

Here’s a new comic that I made. You can view other comics from my series here:

My website is here:

Let me know what you think!

Well I, sir, think you are absolutely brilliant. And, this comic is excellent.



That my friend, Is an awesome comic. That is one comic strip I would DEFINTLEY read. Are you thinking of making books with these?? Please do, these are fabulous. :tiphat::extrahappy::clapping::yup:

These comics are awesome. Would you object to me printing some out to use occasionally?

This one is sad.:frowning:


I have made some books. They are here:

I still need to make a book with these new stories, though.

Re: St. Vincent Ferrer comic!
These comics are awesome. Would you object to me printing some out to use occasionally?”

That would be fine.


Thanks for the nice comments, guys! I should have another up in a month or so. Working on putting together a collected works edition now.

Ever read the comic Brother Juniper?

No I haven’t. But since you mentioned it, I googled it. Looks nice. Like a Catholic Dennis the Menace, only with a monk insead of a kid. I’ll have to investigate further. Thanks!

I like the comics; the style reminds me of Kate Beaton’s “Hark, A Vagrant!” web strip.

Thanks! I checked them out. They look neat. I feel like I have seen them before.

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