St Vincent Ferrer - The Greatest Saint You Never Heard Of

I got the title of this thread from a review of a book on St Vincent Ferrer.

Based on some of the miracles that St Vincent Ferrer performed as well as the thousands of souls that were saved because of his preaching, I too am surprised that there is not a lot said about him. Well at least as compared to some of the great Saints like St Francis of Assisi, St Dominic, St Teresa, etc.

According to Tradition, St Vincent claimed to be the Angel of Judgment in Revelation 14:6-7.

6And I saw another angel flying through the midst of heaven, having the eternal gospel, to preach unto them that sit upon the earth, and over every nation, and tribe, and tongue, and people:

7Saying with a loud voice: Fear the Lord, and give him honour, because the hour of his judgment is come; and adore ye him, that made heaven and earth, the sea, and the fountains of waters.

And he performed a miracle which apparently confirmed it.

At Salamanca he raised a woman to life, to prove to his auditory that he was himself the angel precursor of the judgment, announced in the Apocalypse. This miracle is related in detail in the “Spiritual Instruction,” for the fifth Friday before the Saint’s Feast.

And she was not apparently the only person he raised from the dead.

So why is he not discussed more?

More on St. Vincent Ferrer.

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That’s very sweet Bluespicker, but I am just getting to him in my studies and I am working on learning more about him. There are so many Saints to learn about!

I too am curious about why we don’t hear about him more. Anyone know why?


I don’t know. I’m assuming he did. Are there specific things in his life you are referring to? Can you share a little bit? I’m still waiting for my book on St Vincent to arrive. :slight_smile:

But you bring up a good point that he definitely lived in a time of crisis. Fascinating stuff. I would appreciate any insight.


Okay. I just found something a little bit controversial:

Conversion of Jews and controversy

Vincent is said to be responsible for the conversion of many Jews to Catholicism, often by questionable means; for instance, he is said to have made their lives difficult until they converted and to have “dedicated” synagogues as churches on the basis of his own authority.[6] One of his converts, a former rabbi by the name of Solomon ha-Levi, went on to become the Bishop of Cartagena and later the Archbishop of Burgos. Vincent is noted to have contributed to anti-Semitism in Spain, as violence accompanied his visits to towns that had Jewish communities.[7] He promulgated various anti-Jewish laws banning Jews from trading food with Christians, having Christian employees, changing their residence, or cutting either their hair or beards. Vincent also showed up at the Disputation of Tortosa to convert Jews.[7]

Ah I see. Those were indeed confusing times. We should all be thankful that we don’t have two Popes to choose from.

Shame! Shame! I knew I smelled a rat when this article alluded to this Holy Saint being an anti-semite. The article quotes Wikipedia. The sources for this section came from the Jewish encyclopedia and a book by a scholar named Leon Poliakov, who was Jewish.

Good grief! Wikipedia is not reliable at all. I wouldn’t trust it.

Perhaps we’d have a bit more luck (and trust as more credible) with an article from our friends at EWTN …

Probably. I just plunked down the first link I found, in an effort to understand why I don’t hear much about this Saint who preached to thousands in a whirlwind and who helped to convert many souls.

Anyone have an idea why he is not spoken of that much?

Just wanted to say, in no way was my post directed at you. :slight_smile:
But those at that haphazardly included a Wikipedia quote.

God bless!

Oh I know, thanks for being sensitive to the possibility though. :slight_smile:

I could not say. This post did catch my attention, however, as St. Vincent Ferrer is not an unknown saint in the NYC metropolitan area. There are several institutions, including a high school, naming him as their patron.

The Church of St. Vincent Ferrer on NYC’s upper east side is considered by many to be architecturally magnificent, and it is often included on tours of the great churches of the city.

The church website has an interesting essay posted on its patron saint:

Pax Christi!

Cool. I’ve been to the church but not to the website.

No. He didn’t have two popes from which to choose. He could have chosen two anti-popes or one true pope. He chose an anti-pope. I love St. Vincent, and find it instructive for our times that the Church canonized him nonetheless. I’ll refrain from drawing my conclusions.

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