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I’m new to this forum, but I have many questions.

Is anyone familiar with St Walpurga (or Walburga)? I have never heard of her but it came to me in an online application as my saint for 2014. So, I am curious, what should I understand from this, who was she? I’ve read the info on wikipedia and a few other sites that I found, but it all sounds so cold and it’s the same repetitive information everywhere.

My resolution for this year is to learn a foreign language (a Nordic one, like Finnish for instance) and emigrate to England or a Nordic country in search of a better life. I’ve been thinking about this lately. Could St Walpurga be of any help in this?
I am also the single mother of a small baby and a lot of things seem very difficult to do due to lack of time and resources.

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and a happy new year!

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I know a little bit about St. Walburga. The St Walburga Abbey was at my parish for many, many years. In 1998, the sisters moved to the rural north, due to the urban sprawl disrupting their monastic life here.

Here’s a link to their website. Scroll past St Benedict to find a more detailed biography of St Walburga. However, bear in mind, St Walburga lived 13 centuries ago, so you’re not going to find a lot of detail.

St Walburga Abbey

God bless you!

I used to visit the Abbey of St. Walburga when it was still in Boulder, Colorado. It was my understanding that she spoke German, as that is the language used by many of the older sisters there. I imagine if you search for “The Abbey of St. Walburga” you kind find information, as Asia suggested. They were a wonderful community to visit and I almost entered that community. My health was not good enough to do so however, which saddens me to this day.

St. Walburga’s feast day is Feb. 25. She was a virgin Abbess.

Thank you friends!

I am trying to find time to read the links you posted, I appreciate all your answers.

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