Stafford, Virginia--awesome parish!

We visited Stafford, Virginia this past weekend and attended mass at St. William of York parish–it’s absolutely one of the two best homilies I have ever heard! (and sadly, I’ve only heard 2 that contain great teaching and the fullness of the Faith, in the 7 years I’ve been Catholic, outside of EWTN, that is–the other was at St. Charles Borromeo in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area). The young priest at St. William’s was just awe-inspiring–I wish we could clone him 100 times over and bring him to where I live!:thumbsup:

Thanks for the tip, Luvadoxi.

I was thinking of heading to Virginia at some point for a vacation.
Now you’ve given me a great idea on where to go. :slight_smile:

I go there somewhat frequently when I am on Marine reserve training at Quantico. Yep… It’s wonderful. There is a clear priority on adoration of the Eucharist. Mass is wonderful, daily and Sunday. The parish is clearly on the move. Just a few minutes off of I-95.

Things are happening there, overflowing into a whole set of acts of charity.

God Bless them.

Amen! It’s so heartwarming to experience Catholic worship as it’s meant to be done…I tend to forget how practical, matter-of-fact, completely holy and uplifting it is, and how this is how it’s supposed to be all the time! And in just a regular, novus ordo mass. We walked in, and everyone was quiet and praying. And after the mass it was quiet–miracle of miracles! Even the music was great–really good hymns.

Without meaning to, in a parish stuck in the 70s, I find that I slip into “Stockholm syndrome”, making subtle excuses for things until I think being confused and depressed is just the way things are, and that maybe I’m overreacting and it’s really not so bad. When I see worship like this, my whole world shifts into proper focus. Now…my task is to find this type of parish somewhere near me!

Right from the very beginning of Mass, the priest referred to the Blessed Sacrament. The homily was on Martha and Mary, and contained information about meditation and contemplation…I wish I remembered the details, but it was so great.:thumbsup:

Indeed–God bless them!

Oh, yeah–now I remember–he talked about Mother Theresa and how not only were their daily masses 90 minutes long, but she added Adoration on top of that and required it of her nuns every day (I think an hour, but maybe more). A reporter was adding up all those adoration hours and asking whether they couldn’t be better spent in works of charity, and of course Mother said something completely wonderful in response to that!

Thank you for sharing, Edward, and phoenix, I hope your journeys take you to this wonderful church!

When I was there was two!! daily Masses with Adoration in between. As a former altar boy I noticed the great care in the small details, and the serve silently approach. I’ll be up there in that direction in another month or two.

Two daily masses!

It’s all about Jesus in the Eucharist…how easy it’s been for me to forget! Two daily masses. Wow!

There are quite a few good parishes in the Arlington Diocese. Of course I’m going to toot my parish’s horn. :wink: Holy Trinity :

Did you have Fr Jerome or Fr Dimartino (I’m thinking Fr Jerome…younger)? I’ll have to go there some day.

You can actually listen to their homilies at their website:

Great homily!

I used to live in Stafford when I was a Marine stationed at Quantico in the early 90s. I went back this last March and was shocked at the development that has taken place since then. I wish we had attended the mass there when we returned.

Does the parish in Stafford have the TLM? I’m curious because I hope to eventually move to the D.C./N. VA area within the next couple years, after college.

From their website it doesn’t look like it. I know Holy Trinity in Gainesville has it every Sunday at 12 noon.

Holy Trinity is a great parish. The statues, especially the ones of the angels that hold holy water are simply amazing.

I belong to St. Rita, which is my favorite parish in the diocese (I’ve been to about 26 of them). Holy Trinity is high up on the list though! :thumbsup:

Hi CatholicFireman–I’m not sure–I was wondering about that–whether there was more than one priest. Actually (I’m not the most observant person sometimes!) there were two–but I wasn’t sure if the other man (he was older) was a priest or a deacon. The homilist was young and looked to be Hispanic.

We’re very fortunate to be members there. :slight_smile:

Fr Demartino is the older man and the pastor. Fr Magat is the younger one. I believe he is of Philipino heritage.

Thank you for the link to the homilies!

My pleasure. :slight_smile: Pax†

Thanks for coming to Stafford. We have many good priests here. You may want to try the Latin Mass as well. I haven’t been to St William of York, but I will now. I usually attend St mary of the Immaculate Concepton.

It was a real pleasure to be in your diocese. And the irony–we were attending a friend’s wedding–and the groom’s name is William!

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