Stage Four Patient to Have Electricity Cut

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

By Rucks Russell / 11 News

HOUSTON—A cancer patient in the last throws of fighting her disease is now fighting to keep her power on, and believes without it she will die.

“I’m fighting for my life and I thought people at the power company would help me,” said Mable Randon, who’s confined to a wheelchair and an electrically-powered oxygen machine.

Randon received a cutoff notice after falling behind on her bills. So she applied to CenterPoint Energy’s “Critical Care Program”, which tries to maintain service for people who depend on electrically-powered life support systems.

“I just thought they’d make some kind of exception for me,” she said.

But CenterPoint rejected her application saying she failed to meet the criteria.

Alicia Dixon, a CenterPoint spokesperson, said Randon could have purchased a battery-powered alternative oxygen machine. She also said the critical customer care program has thousands of applicants, and only 300 of them have been accepted.

“This program is a communication program, not a guarantee of uninterrupted power, even to customers who are on the list,” Dixon said.

The explanation is hard to digest to a cancer patient struggling for breath and life.

“They have no consideration for life. It’s just like they don’t care,” said Randon.

Because some Americans fear that guaranteed national healthcare will result in “Government Death Panels” we will have to accept the continuation of our current system that consists of “Corporate Death Panels”.

The lady is correct - they don’t care, and neither do a large swash of Americans who don’t want their precious tax money spent on helping sick people like her. :frowning:

This sounds like a Democrat run program, funded by stimulus money.

This doesn’t sound like a health care “Corporate Death Panel.” It is the power company that is shutting her off. I hope that the local media has reached out to the community for donations. Whatever her power bill, it should be small enough to cover with charity.

That’s what I was thinking. Now is not the time to rely on a corporation to have morals. Somebody in that community needs to step in and organize some sort of fundraiser to get that bill paid.

Well under Obamacare that much would be enough to “disqualify” her anyway. At least this way she still has a fighting chance, instead of just being moved on to the pain pills.

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