Stagnant and Boring?


Cradle Catholic here and my feelings toward the Church are neutral, right now. It has definitely become stagnant and boring. It’s a rut I’m trying to dig myself out of.

I find this type of statement from a Catholic rather a bit disturbing. I don’t know what the poster meant by stagnant and boring, but if I were to hazard a guess?

Given the poster’s age (25) I imagine the poster suffers from the “Been there done that” attitude. As former holy roller, I can attest to the issue that if the service is not interesting or entertaining, members will generally move on to a more interesting church.

I hope this is not the case with Catholics. The Mass serves one purpose only and that is to “Worship and Commune” with our Lord Jesus Christ. Mass never was intended to entertain and I hope we never digress to that low level of need.

Are our the younger Catholics succombing to the taint of the “Been there, Done that” attitude?

Are we stuping to the Protestant Need of being Entertained?



Yes, that is sad to hear. I’ve talked to her on several different threads and read some she’s started. Are you a cradle or convert to catholicism, that is what that quote came from and I can’t remember if you posted anything on the subject. I can’t stand the need to be entertained at church, like my family is over destracted by it seems like at their protestant protestant church.


Oh! You’re the one writing the book ok… sorry if right from the start I’ve kinda kept this thread of track.


I understand completely what you are saying. The Traditions of the Church are dying bc they are not fun or cool. It is sad. :frowning:

I have found since I converted that a lot of converts relish the Traditions more than most cradles, at least at my parish.

Pax Vobiscum


I have noticed that at my church as well.


Dont know about you, but my old church was poorly lit and poorly ventilated. The overall moral was low as noone had a smile on their face or even talked to each other. The priest was always mono-tone and would spend a good part of the mass just talking about announcements and anecdotes.

Usually around this time while I sat in very uncomfortable seats, my mind would wander and totally space-out.

So I guess stagnat and boring is very apt for my former church. Dont know how can blame ppl either, Its like watching Nascar, for some they like seeing the cars go fast, for me the same car going thru the same lap over and over =boring

My 0.02


Given that it’s not too hard to deduct who you’re talking about here, :rolleyes: there are others my age who see the Mass and Catholicism as “the greatest thing” ever! I also know older folks who have lost their “zing” when it comes to the Mass.
It’s unfair to place age restrictions on it. I think it boils down to environment and influences and just life experiences in general.


Hello! I’m right here! I didn’t insinuate that I needed to be “entertained” at Church. I just said that I was “unhappy” being Catholic. :frowning:


Why? We commune with Jesus Christ every Sunday! And some of us can do it every single day! Please answer, I want to help if possible. My life’s goal at my church is to keep Catholics CATHOLIC.


I honestly don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’ve been away from the Church for so long that I’m not sure how to come back and be a “happy” Catholic.
I know that the Catholic Church has things that no other church has. I’m not really wanting to go “join up” with another church. I’m just trying to be somewhat glad or happy to be a Catholic.


Mass is my link to the Holy Spirit. The only time it has failed me is when I have fallen to sin or am not listening. I actually feel the readings and the homily are directed at me. There I can commune firsthand with God and worship Him. Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you and with each coincidence believe in it more and more. Ask our mother Mary to intercede for you. Jesus always listens to her because she always does the will of the son. Or ask the Saints to intercede. But don’t give up, dry periods will come and go. And life will throw you a curve ball or two, but don’t give up seeking the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Tim


Keep praying mrs abbott… I think God will give you a love for His Church, I really do.


Then go make a good confession (per your other post). Go to Mass, receive the Blessed Sacrament in the Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ, and you will feel the difference. It may not be the fainting the aisle, backflipping feel-good feeling most Protestant churches offer, but it is the “I have been blessed by the grace of God in receiving His Son even though I am so unworthy. Thank you God.” feeling that offers lasting peace and joy.

Pax Vobiscum


What constitutes a valid confession? How do you express sincerity, if you don’t necessarily “feel” it?


If you prepare yourself by prayer and a good examination of conscience and you go with the heart of making a good confession, it will be valid. God does not expect you to count the number of times you cursed in traffic, He just wants you to come to Him with a sincere and repentant heart.

I have learned that even when my heart is not in emotional state necessary for, let say forgiveness, the action is still necessary for me to stay right with God. Here’s the example. My former BIL spent 10 yrs molesting my nieces (1 step, 1 bio). I still have a lot of anger towards him but what good does it do. Daily, and I mean DAILY, I have to forgive him but can only do so with God’s help. So even though my heart is not so willing, God understands and helps me through. Kind of like, Actions speak louder than words.

Hope that helps!!

Pax Vobiscum


What constitutes sincerity? Would the fear of Hell be enough, for now, to make a valid confession?


Yup, a sincere fear of hell is good enough :yup: it’s called imperfect contrition, which is fine for a sacramental confession.

Have you tried, though, to read up on whatever sinful behaviour you may be not feeling particularly repentant of and try to see it (kinda) from God’s point of view - think about WHY it might be wrong and offensive to God?

Doing little mental exercises like that helps me a lot with trying to avoid particular sins after I’ve confessed them.


This thread makes me sad but I know that there are a lot of people who feel that the Church is stagnant. I guess I would have to reply that those who do feel that way, do not really understand what we are doing at mass. There is no experience on earth that I am aware of that is more profound or more awesome than receiving the Eucharist. Those who are bored may not believe in the Real Presence and they are therefore immune to the magnitude of what is going on in the Mass.

To be honest, those that I have talked to who really, truly believe in the Real Presence are not the least bit bored. They know that we come to Church to worship the Lord as He desires to be worshipped–in spirit and truth (Jn 4:23) and with a pure offering to God (Mal 1:11). The mass is not about our entertainment as has already been stated.

That being said, it is clear that some priests have “got it” when delivering a homily and some don’t. That is a shame, of course, and although a thought provoking homily is desired, that is still not why I go to Church. I go there to be with Jesus, and he is definately the “living water” not the “stagnant water”.

To Mrs. Abbott–I’m sorry to hear your not happy. Since you don’t have a definitive reason for your unhappiness, I would venture to guess you are going through some spiritual aridity. This is very common–even among saints. I don’t know how to describe it exactly, but for me, it comes in waves. First I will be totally on fire and then will come a lull, where I don’t feel like praying or reading the Bible like I used to. I still go to Church every Sunday, sometimes more, but the zeal is gone. I don’t know if this kind of thing is a temptation from the evil one or not, but I when this happens to me I try to take action. I force myself to go to frequent confession and I pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament. And I’ll tell you another thing, everytime I have fervently prayed for an end to aridity, the Lord has given me a boost–much bigger than I deserve, I’m sure. Either a vision or an answered prayer–something that shows He is still right by my side. What an awesome and glorius God!!

Perhaps spiritual dryness is not the case with you. Maybe there is some disagreement you have with a teaching of the Church? If so, I urge you to pray about it and study the issue carefully. Know that you brothers and sisters in Christ will be praying for you!!:slight_smile:


Yes - that, and the intention of making a good Confession. Everything else is up to God and the priest.

Another thing - when the priest gives you the Absolution, listen to the words, and believe them - they are Jesus’ words, and He is speaking to you, personally, right in that very moment.

The voice you hear will be your priest’s voice, but when he speaks the words of the Absolution, he is in persona Christi, which means that that is Jesus talking straight to you; it’s not just the priest reciting some dead formula, but the real thing, because that’s what a Sacrament is - a sign through which God actually does the thing that is signified.


Oh believe me I have. That’s why I’m still interested in pursuing Catholicism and haven’t just given up all together. I just have unanswered questions that should be answered soon, hopefully, and then I’ll be able to take the plunge. That is, if my nerves don’t get the best of me first. :slight_smile:

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