Stalin's grandson sues paper for Defamation

"Joseph Stalin’s grandson has launched a court action claiming a liberal Russian newspaper has defamed the former Soviet dictator.

Yevgeny Dzhugashvili says an article claiming Stalin personally ordered the deaths of Soviet citizens is a lie.

A Moscow court has agreed to hear the case against the opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

The paper published a piece referring to declassified death warrants which it says bore Stalin’s personal signature.

Mr Dzhugashvili - who was not at the court as the case was brought on Thursday - says that is a lie, and that Stalin never directly ordered the deaths of anyone.

It is the latest bizarre twist in what many see as a Kremlin-backed campaign to rehabilitate Stalin’s reputation, says the BBC’s Rupert Wingfield-Hayes in Moscow. "

Wow, whatever next?

When i was in college there was an English professor who adhered to the Stalin flavor of Marxist ideology. The professor’s elementary school-aged son came home, reporting his teacher had told his class Joe Stalin was a mass murderer. The prof went to the (public) school and bullied the teacher into agreeing never to say negative things about Stalin. I suspect Stalin would have been as pleased by the prof’s tactic, as he would have been by the prof’s sentiments.

This sounds like something that would happen in the US too… how ridiculous the world is! :rolleyes: Hope the court is smarter than this!

There’s no defamation of the dead under English common law.

[quote=the article]The Kremlin has professed no opinion about the case. But in other ways Russia’s leadership has been quietly moving to rehabilitate the great dictator, adds our correspondent.

Last month a brass plaque praising Stalin suddenly reappeared in a Moscow metro station.

And last year a history textbook for Russian schoolchildren was published which referred to Stalin as an “effective manager” who led Russia to victory in World War II - not, as has been widely claimed, a brutal dictator responsible for sending millions to their deaths.

Last year in an online competition to find the greatest Russian ever, Stalin came third - even though he was not actually Russian, but Georgian.

Conservatives in Russia are simply reclaiming the past, which many see as a golden age. Certainly they lament Russia’s loss of status after the collapse of the USSR.

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