Stand or Kneel at Adoration

After Mass, we begin Eucharistic Adoration. While the priest places Jesus on the altar, some kneel, some stand. When the priest begins singing “Holy God, We Praise Thy Name,” some of those kneeling stand, others stay kneeling, because at this point, the priest has come down from the altar and is facing the Monstrance and the acolyte is behind him with the crucifix. When he finishes the song, they turn around and walk out. When then song ends and they turn around, many of those who were kneeling, stand up. Others have been standing all along.

What are the correct rubrics please???

I can only tell you how it goes everywhere I’ve seen an exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

The priest comes in, and the congregation kneels…and continues kneeling throughout all the prayers, songs, etc…depending on exactly what is being done.

If the priest has to stand during the Exposition for incensing or something else, prior to leaving he kneels before the Blessed Sacrament before processing out with the altar servers.

We have perpetual adoration at my parish, and when the priest enters to repose the Blessed Sacrament for Mass, all kneel until he kisses the altar and stands again…then we all stand. At the finish of Mass after the final blessing we all kneel and no one leaves until he has left the chapel.

I hope that helps. As I have seen this consistently in other parishes I believe this must be what the rubrics proscribe.

we have a holy hour once a week, and use a booklet that was originally compiled for 40 hours devotion. it states that when the priest removes the host from the tabernacle we kneel and sing O Salutaris Hostia while it is placed in the monstrance and put on the altar and incensed. the priest and deacon then kneel for a time. We are instructed that for those who cannot remain kneeling it is fine to sit. During the hour there is usually at least one scripture reading with a very brief homily, more silent adoration, perhaps another hymn, or a litany. When the youth are present we pray the liturgy of the hours, evening prayer, which they lead. Then at the end of the hour we kneel again for benediction and sing Tantum Ergo while the Blessed Sacrament is reposed, then recite the divine praises. We stand and sing Holy God We Praise Thy Name while the priest and deacon leave.

I don’t know of any official rubrics from Rome. Anyone?

[quote=otm]I don’t know of any official rubrics from Rome. Anyone?

As far as I know it is kneeling or sitting. I’ve never seen it done standing. It was always my understanding that in these citcumstances the incensing was done kneeling as well.

I kneel.

Even the demons prostrated in front of Jesus (Mk 3:12).

So, if they did it…

Shouldn’t we?

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