Stand up Comedy Christian venues?

Hi there. I have got a bit of a problem. I have done stand up comedy for a good few months now. I enjoy doing it, and try to get gigs when and where I can. The problem is, unfortunately a lot of comedy is quite rude. I am at these places and obviously I am not the only comic to go on stage, so I have to sit there, listening to a lot of rude, foul mouthed, sexually explicit stand up routines. I live in London [UK].

This is a question, to people in the UK *. Are there Christian places [in UK] where stand up takes place, that I could be involved and do my stand up?

Unfortunately most stand up bars and clubs tend to be very open to swearing and sexual stuff. I try to ignore and just do my clean stand up when I go on, but I’d rather be in different environment. Having said that, I really like to do comedy and want to continue on with it, I wondered if anybody knows of any Christian [or even better, Catholic] comedy venues?

For the record, are there some in the US that people know about. I would be quite happy, in future, to travel to the US and try my sets there, if those type of venues exist in the US.*

Hmmm Not getting any answers here. Did I perhaps post this in the wrong section?

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