Stand up to the New York Times


Send a letter expressing your distaste at the lies and anti-catholic bigotry of the NYT. Here's the real facts.


Wow! That is not the type of article one expects to find on the official Vatican web site and written by a Cardinal Prefect of a Congregation.

…I ask the Times to reconsider its attack mode about Pope Benedict XVI and give the world a more balanced view of a leader it can and should count on.


The NYT is a business and as such, it's objective is to sell newspapers. How boring to speak about what the church has done to meet this scandal head on. The horror of what has befallen our church is a more compelling story than the 'boring' solutions we've put in place to protect the most vulnerable of our faithful. There is no question that some of our bishops were asleep at the wheel, but we can not go back and change this now. All we can do is pray for the victims and their families, pray for the clergy and their awesome responsibility in mentoring us and pray for our church which has been so wounded by these awful abuses. Finally, when I do read the NYT, which is seldom these days, I do so with a mindfulness toward the bias of the writer and the editors.


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