Stand with Ukraine, nation's leading prelate urges [CWN]


The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has called for support for Ukraine as it confronts Russian aggression."Ukraine is now facing foreign aggression, a kind of ?hybrid war’ …



Well BOAR2BOAR, does he need to change his name to “Franco” for you?:rolleyes:



Bout time you wise up. Every former Eastern Bloc country that has “gone West” is in far better shape now then when in the loving bosom of Mother Russia. Ukrainians have finally wised up to it as well.


Greek Catholic Church?

Is that a different rite or just the Roman Catholic Church that speaks Greek?




No its an eastern rite, the biggest one in the world if I’m not mistaken.


I’m glad you think they saw the light with the help of some US NGOS and an illegitimate mob government,

Lets see, there has been two elections since the revolution, and even Putin recognizes the new current govt as legitamite. And this new govt reflects the will of the people who voted. And that will is to turn away from Russia and embrace the west, as have the other eastern countries have done to their benefit. It is their right. Ukraine is not a Russian colony.

but even you Poroshenkos biggest fanboy you don’t really believe the west is the catholic side??

All I know is the Catholic Church in Ukraine is for the West and against the Russian aggression. That does it for me.

U.S. Ukrainians don’t want to be pawns of that western sphere either. They don’t like what western democracies have become nowadays.

Not in the US Ukrainian Catholic (and Orthodox) circle I belong to. I was raised Byzantine Catholic. There is no love for Russia amongst these people.


All I know is the Catholic Church in Ukraine is for the West and against the Russian aggression. That does it for me.

So it only does it for you when the church supports a side that also has the blessing of western powers? Why so inconsistent? You didn’t seem to care about the churches opinion in that other historical event where it was even more clear, especially since the conflict was focused on religion unlike your giant leap that this one is.


What kind of support does this fellow want? Humanitarian support seems fine, otherwise, poking a bear with a stick seems unwise.


Probably because I support western values that Ukraine wants: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of association, democratic form of govt, freedom of the press, protection of private property. All of these things the Ukrainian Catholic Church is for as well. Things Putin (and Franco) is/were not for.

In Spain we had the Catholic Church who was on the side of fascism and Nazism and made a deal with the devil to regain the power it once had. Franco rewarded the Church handsomely, by making it the state religion (something I oppose), and paid for the Church salaries (again I oppose) and of course he persecuted anyone who was stood in his way.

I also oppose the Church in Croatia which was on the side of the Nazis and Ustashe.

So there you have an explanation of your perceived “inconsistences”.

Now please explain yours.


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