Standard Process Supplements


Who has tried them? Did they work for you?


I've used them and I love them. They were so great at helping fix my digestive problems. I highly recommend them. :thumbsup:


Good to know. I took Utrophin PMG for my menstrual problems, and I immediately noticed less cramps. My mom just started taking Congaplex. I have a friend who’s a Chiropractor who suggested I take a couple different supplements for my digestive problems as well.


I take them religiously and have for the last two years. I go to a chiropractor/nutritionist who uses NRT (nutritional response testing) to dose me. Before I started on the supplements, I had serious health problems. I have never been healthier.

Unfortunately, even healthy food is not really enough sometimes. SP supplements are great because they are clean, whole food supplements. They are worth every cent! Just make sure you are getting them from a supplier who knows what he or she is doing when s/he doses you. That’s just as important.


She did this weird thing where she put one hand over the organ she was testing and put pressure on my arm at the same tine until it got weak. If it was off she had me hold the supplement and pressed on my arm to figure out the dosing.


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