Standing at Pater Noster at a TLM

In “The New Roman Missal” by Father Lasance that I have it says that after the Sactus we are to “[r]emain Kneeling until after Communion.” However where I go to mass we stand at the Pater Noster to Agnus Dei.

Is this done anywhere else? If so why do we stand when our missals say we are to be kneeling? Or is this only in my missal?

Thank you and Father, Son, and Holy Spirit bless you,

We kneel at the TLM Mass I go to, although I am not familiar with other places as I have just started going to the TLM.


Generally whenever the priest sings ( High Mass), we stand.

Only exception that I can think of is sitting during the Epistle.

In a Low Mass you remain kneeling for the Our Father. In a High Mass you stand.

for a bit of clarification. if there is one candle on each side of the altar,it denotes a “low mass” which means that one remains kneeling during and after the pater noster. if there are three candles on each side of the altar that denotes a “high mass” at which times, each time the priest entones, the congregation stands. that would then include the pater noster.
for informational purposes only…if there are two candles on each side of the altar, it means that a bishop is saying mass. have a good year. (alih):thumbsup:

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