Standing during the word

this is a two part question…1) catholics why do we stand during the reading of the Gospel…2)non catholic christians do you stand during the reading of the gospel if not why? if so why?

to answer for part 2, Anglicans stand during the Gospel reading. Some even have a Gospel procession.

yep. correct.

[size=][size=]Standing signifies respect and reverence. We stand at the beginning of Mass, during prayers and as the Gospel is read. We also stand at the end of Mass[/size]. [size=]This info was taken from ‘What You should Know About the MASS’ by Charlene Altemose MSC isbn 9788171096909[/size][/size]

ah yes but is this biblical?

If scripture is read in Meeting, only the person reading stands…the rest of us sit in reverential contemplation of what is being read. If one is led to provide “vocal ministry” on the passage they stand to do so.

“Thou Shalt stand during the reading of the Word!” Matt 5:52 :wink: (Just kidding)

But seriously, People show reverence and honor in many ways at different places I go. I do not stand if all are sitting and listening attentively, I do not sit when all are standing attentively.

Some stand, some sit attentively. Same with prayer, some prostrate themselves on the ground, some remove their shoes, some bend their heads, close eyes and fold hands, some stand with eyes open and arms outstreatched towards heaven. It isn’t nearly as important HOW the reverence is shown as it is important THAT it IS shown.

to answer for part 2, Anglicans stand during the Gospel reading. Some even have a Gospel procession.

Ditto for Lutherans in my limited experience.

Correct, and I think scripture is clear enough that we should fear and love God. Therefore, standing for the reading of the Gospel demonstrates that respect and love for our Savior.


People the world over stand to show respect for many things: Their National Anthem, the entrance of the judge in a court of law, and the reading of Our Savior’s words in the gospels are just a few examples.


The posture of the people during the reading of the Gospels in Mass is very similar to what we see in the OT. What did the people do when the rediscovered law was read by Ezra as recoreded in Nehemiah 8? They stood of course.

thank you…i didn’t feel like going trough the whole OT to find this…

It was my pleasure and I’m glad I could be of service.

I agree completely. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some other Catholic rites did it a bit differently based on what was considered reverent in that culture.

In fact, in some Eastern rites, they stand during the entire mass. There are no seats or kneelers in the church. It is very much a matter of what is considered reverent in that culture. :thumbsup:


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